Thursday 18 April 2013

The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre

Review by Donna  3.5 – 4 stars

 Hmmmm where do I start with this one, I am a bit lost for words really, this is unlike any other book I have read, not in a bad way but in a good way. If you are looking for romance this is NOT your book. If you are looking for a detailed knowledge into the life of a cammer (sex acts through the web) this is definitely the book for you.. It is such an unusual book, I really liked it as it was so different and the continual changes in subject were strange but hilarious in places. The author has a chapter for each person that frequents her sessions.
Jessica Reilly is her alias a made up person to hide her from her old life, a life that she wants to forget a life that has left her permanently scarred and fearing for her own sanity. Jessica feels that she cannot have any human interaction because she has this insane want to commit murder, she dreams about committing murder, about blood, about pain everything about killing someone, she thinks that this has been inherited from her mother who sent her away when she was a teenager to her grandparents for the weekend whilst she murdered her sisters and her dad, then killed herself, or so we are lead to believe. She has used shrinks and they think that she suffers from anthropophobia which is the fear of human interaction with a healthy dose of cruorimania which is an obsession with murder. Hence her self imposed exile. She has lived for the past three years in her little flat without ever venturing outside, she even has a neighbour lock her in at night from the outside so she cannot be tempted to leave in the middle of the night to commit murder. She buys everything online and does the only thing she can do for money so she camms from home. She has a setup whereby clients pay for her services at $6.99 a minute and this proves to be very lucrative which after 3 years has amassed her a 7 figure fortune. She was an inexperienced virgin before her self induced exile so she had no experience and watched hours and hours of porn to learn the ropes..even to this day she has never had a real man in any shape or form…are you still a virgin if you have had a 7inch dildo??? This is one of the questions that had me giggling but actually thinking throughout this book.
She always has the same UPS delivery guy, he knocks, she shouts just leave it you sign, then he signs and walks away, as soon as the elevator goes, she sneaks outside gets the package and brings it in. This has been going on for 3 years. The UPS guy is called Jeremy, he is infatuated with the girl in 6E, he tries to persuade her to talk to him but she never agrees. One time he is there for a delivery, he knocks but unusually she does not answer, he knocks again, no answer, he panics…is she ok? What if something has happened? He hears a moan, he tries the door, it is unlocked, he enters and she……attacks him and tries to kill him with his box cutters…not the best start to a beautiful friendship.. however Jeremy is too strong and easily over powers her, she feels a connection to him, they kiss and she sends him on his way before she can inflict damage on him. She is now confused.
Her clients are from all walks of life all with different fetishes, one scares her and she believes that he is not all he seems, a child goes missing, she believes he has something to do with it, she reports it but feels that she has to do something. She has her IT guy get all the info on him and leaves her flat for the first time in 3 years to try and find the child, with a little help from Jeremy, after all he is the only “friend” she has.
She goes on this trip, does what she has to do and comes back..straight into Jeremy’s arms..although she may have saved the girl the girl actually saved her, as we find out in the last chapter.
This is hard to review because it is soooo different, but I felt that I had to write something as it is so unusual. It is a page turner, even if just to see what weird and wonderful things happen whilst camming. I can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t hate it, it was different, it was unique, it was funny, it was interesting. A good read that I did really enjoy.

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