Thursday 9 May 2013

By a Thread by RL Griffin

Reviewed by Donna 4.5 Shiny Stars

 OMG what have I just read..the prologue gets you hooked and then the ending really pees you off...I have just spent a good 10-15 minutes looking to see if there is a sequel and thank god there is..the book just ended...I have so many many answers I need..I was like argggghhh seriously that cannot be the end of the is not a cliff hanger but I just wasn't ready for it to end, neither were the characters and neither were all my questions I still want answered!!!!!!
I want to do a full review of this book but I can't it would seriously give too much of the plot away and I cannot do that you have to read it for yourself.

Stella is a ballsy girl, she drinks beer ( a lot of beer), she curses, she keeps fit but she is emotionally broken. She gave up her old life to follow her fiancé Jamie, they have been in their new apartment one night before he has to leave on a work assignment, he works for the FBI. Stella is left in the apartment with their two roommates Patrick and Billy. She knows no-one. Patrick is a friend of Jamie's. The next day Patrick passes on the news that Jamie was killed in a car accident. One year of hell begins for Jamie. She stops eating, she drinks a lot, she defers starting law school, she basically gives up. The emotional writing during the death, funeral and this year of her life was gut wrenchingly, sobbingly beautiful. I did not stop crying for what seemed like an eternity, I lived through her pain, I felt it and I breathed was awful, but so brilliant. Patrick makes it his mission to keep Stella on the straight and narrow, he is there for her always, treating her like a sister, he makes her eat, her makes her get up, he takes her out, gets her fit and basically tries to get her living again. I loved Patrick, until the end of the book when I could have smashed him in the face with my kindle...of all the people in this book, he was her constant and what he did is just OMG!!! I couldn't believe it. Also, this explains why he never made any moves on Stella, I thought that they would have been really good together but now I understand why he never took that leap.

George....or whoever the bloody hell he is...there are so many unanswered questions in this book about him. I love him a lot, but I feel that he is hiding a lot and I am hoping that whatever I hope is going to be revealed in book 2 about him does not change my opinion. George owns the bar that the gang frequent almost every night, they just think that he is the bar tender..slowly but surely he inches his way into Stella's life and her heart although she is too broken to see it. It was obvious that he had been in love with her for a long time before they eventually got "together" I was so glad he was so patient with her in the beginning, although I could have killed him for his impeccable timing when he made "the announcement"

I loved this book, but I cannot really say anymore without giving the game away but it was a captivating story, I really enjoyed it and the twists and turns in this book had me on the edge of my seat...I still cannot believe the eyes in the prologue and the fact of what that 3rd man did, especially if it is who I think it is..I need answers!!!!!!!

Brilliant book.


  1. Hi Donna, do you know when book 2 will be released?

    1. KGS is right, RL has no hard release date yet, but it is with the editor. She is hoping for an early August release, but we'll update you when we know more.

  2. I think this summer! :)

  3. What is the name of the second book?