Tuesday 21 May 2013

Cautious (Disastrous 2) by EL Montes

Reviewed by Dawn, Donna & Willow ~ 5 Stars

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We've been patiently waiting for Cautious and were so excited when author EL Montes offered us an ARC to review for the blog. We've decided to do this review a little bit different that we usually do. We are going to share with you the messages we sent each other whilst we were reading the book so you can see what we were going through, and then we'll share our conversation after we'd all finished! 

Willow: Have you guys read the prologue? OMG!!
Donna: The Prologue is badddddddddddd :-(
Willow: I know WTH? I love that E's done it again, though this prologue is more shocking!!
Donna: Will probably finish today, but I'm scared!
Willow: I'm scared too!
Dawn: OMG who was that in the prologue!!! This better be a HEA!!
Donna: I'm now at 60% and bricking it!
Dawn: Oh no!
Donna: Only because I feel something bad is going to happen!!
Willow: I'm only at 25% but E can't do this to us can she???
Dawn: I hope not. In the prologue was that Marcus or Mia?
Donna: Or not them at all?  
Willow: I assumed Marcus was narrating, but it's not clear.
Dawn: I thought it was Mia narrating?!
Donna: I thought Mia too
Willow: Im going back to re-read!
Donna: Ooooo 70% think this is where it hits the fan! Need to take a breather.
Donna: OMG 86%...........
Dawn: Stop it I'm only 4%!! lol
Willow: No no no Donna!!
Donna: I'm on the Epilogue now and only answered a few emails today I'm sooo bad - it was just too good to put down.
Willow: I'm so Jealous right now Donna!!
Donna: Finished!
Dawn: Are you happy or sad?
Donna: There were some sad bits and some happy bits lol
Dawn: I think in the prologue it was Mia speaking, he calls her Babe, she calls him Baby.
Donna: Not saying
Dawn: Gaaaaaaah!!!
Dawn: I need to know about that prologue - we'll ask E in her interview whether she writes the prologue first or the book first and adds the prologue
Willow: Once again the prologue is genius!
Dawn: I'm dying to know what "the" secret is! And they are sure to find out the other one knew about it and they really wont be happy!!
Dawn: 57% and Gaaaaah! The way she's writing it is keeping the secret from us!  I just want to know!!
Willow: lol I felt like that, it's coming I promise! :-)
Willow: Wait until you get to around 83%, there's a line there that killed me! let me know when you get there!
Dawn: Gaaaaaah! I thought he was going to tell Jimmie on the phone, not skirt around it!
Willow: It is genius how she keeps you guessing though don't you think?
Dawn: I got to that line! "My deepest regret that night...." right?
Donna: Awwww sob sob sob!
Willow: Yep that's the line that broke my heart!
Dawn: I'm Scared.
Dawn: OMG they're going to walk in on it aren't they?
Donna: Have you got Kleenex? I cried lots
Dawn: Willow you've a heart of stone did you cry?
Willow: As you say I'm a cold hearted bitch, I didn't cry but I was extremely upset. I think the non crying was just shock more than anything. I just couldn't believe it!

And here's the discussion we had after:
The thing I loved about this book and Disastrous is although you have the story Marcus and Mia's relationship, there is just so much other stuff going on that grips you.
Dawn: I know I love all the side characters. Jeremy is funny. And Elle is so cute.It's good we get to see Mia building relationships with her family too in this one. And I felt for Marcus more in this one. He really doesn't want that life but he's trapped in it with very little options to get out. But he tries his hardest because he loves Mia and want a better life for them than his mum and dad had.
Donna: I felt that Marcus matured a lot in this book although I did feel that his reaction to "the secret" was not like him..he has led the family for so long I just felt that he would have reacted a bit differently. I did really feel for him though...I cried at his turmoil
Willow: I agree Donna, Marcus did seem much more mature in this book, but I get what you are saying about his reaction. The relationships with the other DeLucas was lovely to see - I am excited that EL has decided to do a book on Jimmies story. As you know I'm a sucker for alternative points of view in a story and I loved that Cautious does this, you get to feel both characters highs and lows. 
Dawn: Jimmies story will be good. He's a great character and has had some tough times and I think Ellie is going to give him some more!! Ha ha Hope he finds love too though.  Yeah the alternate POV is good. It means there's no gaps in the story and you're not left wondering what the other on is thinking or feeling. I felt Mia had grown a pair in this book too. She was much more willing to try for their relationship despite what Marcus did in his "other" life. She still didn't like it but was more willing to give it a go I thought.
Willow: So Dawn after Donna was warning you about Kleenex, did you cry?
Dawn: Of course!!! U know I cry at anything!! Lol
Donna: I went through a box of tissues and had red eye for ages...again I cried at the epilogue as well. I am wondering what will happen after the event with a certain character...I cannot see it being let go especially as there was no "punishment". Marcus did something that was so right yet so wrong but understand why he did it. I am just worried about the future repercussions. 
Willow: Perhaps this is what we'll see in Jimmie's story? 

Our Rating and Final thoughts:
Willow: Definitely 5 stars without a doubt. I couldn't put it down, I loved it. It's a great story and if you haven't read them you must! I <3 EL and will read anything she puts out there.
Dawn: 5 stars from me too. It's so much more than just a romance book. And we need more of them like this. I'll be waiting in line for her next one out.
Donna: 5 stars! One word: Amazeballs.


  1. Fab review ladies! I thought your messages to each other were funny! I've often wanted someone reading a book with me so you can ask questions like that! I can't wait till it is released! I'm re-reading Disastrous right now and I'm so glad coz there are lots if bits that are coming back to me that I know I would have forgotten! X

  2. Thank you Cath. It's just gone live on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cautious-Sequel-to-Disastrous-ebook/dp/B00CWNE2AC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1369118068&sr=8-2&keywords=cautious+el+montes

    1. I saw that it was live but I am forcing myself to wait a day coz I have entered your giveaway! I keep wanting to one click though...I am so impatient! Keep up the good work guys. You know we love you! X

  3. Oh what a fab review ladies :) so funny. Your messages were brill. Keep up the AMAZING job your doing xxx

  4. Love the review... You should definitely do more reviews like this x

  5. Thank you for your comments ladies.