Sunday, 5 May 2013

Claim Me (Stark Trilogy 2) by J Kenner

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

To be honest, I did not enjoy this as much as the first book, but I still loved it! However, it was totally exhausting!!!!

We start this “ride” right where the previous book finished..Blaine is finishing the painting and Nikki is about to become a million dollars richer..we are fast approaching the end of their contract.  But will it be the end????? Of course not…even though both are too blind to see it yet, they are both hopelessly in love with each other..neither wants to be separated from the other, the chemistry they have is still smoking, they both need each other too much to be separated, this is definitely not the end but the beginning of a “proper” relationship albeit a rather hot and heavy one!

Where do I start……..Damien…still a closed book, still so much to learn about him and his past..his devotion to Nikki is constant, however he worries..they have this sort of telepathic connection that is quite scary at times and he reads her so well, he knows when she is tempted to cut and feels that being with him could pull her down that road is hard work being a billionaires girlfriend, constant media scrutiny, constant gossip, being followed, photographed and the lies that get written. He doesn’t want her to get overwhelmed with it all and tries to keep her in the background as much as possible..however, she takes this the wrong way at times and that in itself puts pressure on their relationship.

Nikki is finding it a bit hard being the girlfriend of Damien Stark, when they are together it is super sweet, Damien is one sexy hot, alpha dominating, emotional, caring and sharing lover..the scenes between them, although kinky are incredibly tender and loving…I totally love Damien Stark!!! But all that goes with Damien is hard..the work, the paps, the rumours, being the tough girl that she is she battles through it but she has her moments and Damien is always there to pick her up and dust her off.

As with all romance books, the course of true love never runs smooth and this is no exception, her identity is revealed in the picture at the gallery, which causes no ends of problems for Nikki, makes her question who she trusts, also the paps have a field day with the fact that she was paid and that she is now Damien’s “whore”…we know the truth but the paps don’t and unfortunately due to their meddling Nikki finds herself out of a job and for someone who is terribly independent she struggles!!

Then we get to the end, Damien does open up a bit and lets Nikki in, however, the skeletons that are revealed and the ending does not bode well for a HEA. However, I have my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well in Germany for these two and I so want to see my HEA and baby Stark’s running around in a happy sappy epilogue that will have me melting…just a little tip/request J Kenner lol!!

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