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Eyes Wide Open (The Blackstone Affair 3) by Raine Miller

Reviewed by Donna & Willow

What Donna says: 4 Stars

I love Ethan Blackstone…and this book did make me fall in love with him all over again…even though now all I can picture is David Gandy!!

This book continues from where All In finished, it is the night of the attempted abduction and they are on their way to Ethan’s sisters in the country. The whole book is basically the continuation of their relationship, some things happen that cause them to make decisions that Brynne is not entirely comfortable with, but together they work through them. Ethan has a knack of knowing how to deal with Brynne and manages to give her space when needed and also be there when needed.  The development of their relationship during this book was beautifully romantic and had me swooning on more than one occasion. I will say though that the majority of this book is sex scenes…they have an awful lot of sex in this book…lots and lots and lots…I did think that there was a bit too much and it verged on being gratuitous but when it is Ethan Blackstone who cares???? It just seemed at times there was not much story but a lot of sex…and not one bout of cystitis in sight!!!!

“Holy shit I might just die from so much sex”

“Yeah but it’d be a fun way to go wouldn’t it”

Those comments above summed up the book!!!! I nearly died…but what a fab way to go!!!!

This book was written in alternate point of views which was refreshing from the other two books. We also got to hear a lot about Ethan’s back story of which I have always been curious. We also see another side to Ethan that was most unexpected….whilst him and Brynne are with his sister we see Ethan’s interaction with his niece and nephews…this brought out a whole new Ethan and it was refreshing to read…long gone is serious Ethan. I loved the scene when he took his niece (with the dog) to have ice cream..I still chuckle now.

The “stalker” does come into play in this book but not as much as I would have thought, as I said above the majority of the book is the development of their relationship.  Things happen during this book that I saw coming before Ethan and Brynne did and the change in Ethan during this period is amazing. You can feel the love that they have for each other oozing out of each page and you can’t help but will them want to see the relationship survive and flourish. I did think that the “protective” side of Ethan in this book was a lot stronger and did seem overpowering at times.

I don’t want to write too much as it will spoil the book so I will just gush on about the romance side of this book…and if you are a romantic at heart like me, then you will love it..because it is gushingly beautiful..but I would have liked a bit more substance and plot and that is the only reason I am giving it four stars.

This book is not a cliff hanger but you do feel that there is more to be said for Ethan and Brynne and I do believe that there is going to be a fourth book. I for one will be there waiting for the pre-order button to come live!!
What Willow says:
The first half of the book for me was slow, I was disappointed we didn't get more of the stalker part of the story, or find out more of what haunts Ethan in his nightmares. Donna is right, there was a lot of sex, oodles of it, but I guess that is how Ethan deals with his problems. The first part of the book focused hugely on their relationship and that's not necessarily a bad thing, they did have something quite big they had to deal with, but I personally just felt I wanted more outside that, that it wasn't enough.
The second part of the book suddenly we got all the action, we had more trouble with the stalker, interactions with the Senator and Brynne's Parents and Ethan starts opening up and we find out more about his nightmares and what happened to him. Although some parts were a little unbelievable, (especially to us Brits) I did enjoy this part of the book. 
As Donna says it was great seeing another side to Ethan when he was with his niece and I was pleased to see Brynne had grown up a bit in the way she handled something. The way that it was told from alternate points of view was great because you get to see both their reactions to certain situations. 
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