Monday 13 May 2013

Guest Reviewer Competition Winners Announced! Do You Want More Reviewer Competitions?

Last Month we ran a competition for the chance of one of our followers to be a guest reviewer on the blog. All you had to do was leave a comment on the blog of who your favourite book boyfriend was and what was your favourite line of theirs. Since there was only two people that left comments, we would like both of them to be a guest reviewer.
So thank you Saunders and Linda Sims for entering!
If you two would like to email us on and tell us which book you are going to review.
The plan was to run this competition monthly, but as not many people entered last month we are assuming there is no interest in this type of competition so will not continue. However some of you may not have been following us back then so if enough of you still think it's a good idea we will give it another go this month.
So the question is shall we run another guest reviewer competition or not? Please leave a comment below!


  1. I wasn't a follower back when you had this contest. I love talking to people about books and telling them YAY or Nay, but unfortunately I do not have good grammar. You would think that with as much reading as I do I would, but nope. I end sentences in prepositions, correct comma placement, is more like where ever I feel like they should go, and spelling (only if there is spell check). So I think the contest is great idea but I don't think people would care for my rambling reviews so I wouldn't enter them.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Robin :-)