Friday 24 May 2013

How It Rolls (Love and Skate 2) by Lila Felix

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

I adore Lila Felix’s style of writing and this one was no exception. It is the cutesy romance that we all love to gush over and so beautifully written. This book is Falcon and Reed’s story.

I loved Falcon in Love and Skate and I was so excited when I realised that it was his story. To look at he would be every mothers horror story if their daughters brought him home to meet them. He has a Mohawk, he has tattoos and he has piercings…but as the saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover  and you most definitely should not judge Falcon Black…the man is perfection…he is an old man in a young mans body…he is dependable, hard working, utterly selfless, generous to a fault, reliable, intelligent I could go on and on…he is absolute perfection…he loves completely and utterly with his whole heart…one heck of a catch for any lucky girl and the lucky one in this book is Reed.

Reed….my heart was breaking for her, she has been pushed around in foster care since she was 11 years old and has been taking care of herself ever since,  at the age of 18 she is chucked out as the welfare cheques dry up and she is homeless..all she has is her beat up car, a few possessions and a few bucks. Luckily she stumbles into Nellie’s bookstore and Nellie can see that she has problems and gives her a job. Little does anyone know that Reed is living in her car. She is painfully thin, has bright orange hair, is timid and shy….but…..she is also another Roller Derby player and this soon comes to light and we see another side to Reed.

As we know Falcon is the brains in the family on the business side and he does the books for Nellie at the bookstore, he soon sees Reed and is fixated by the girl…he is overwhelmed by feelings and the need to look out for her.

I loved this bit
“She could take her orange hair and stuff it up her……..oh, who was I kidding, I wanted to be her hair brush”

We see many sides to Falcon and Reed on this journey and they are both adorable as are Nellie and Owen as we continue their story throughout the book too and the whole Black family.

I loved the beginnings of each chapter with the little snippets of wisdom, they were fabulous. Again, this book was alternate POV’s which I love.

Again, this is definitely a YA book, no steamy scenes but just amazing chemistry, a gorgeous romantic story told as ever beautifully. It will make you swoon, it will make you smile and it will make you laugh.

A leaving snippet, the first time Reed says those magic 3 little words and it took her some time..

““This Falcon. The one who smiles like I’ve rocked his world. The one who plans the most amazing dates. The one who buys me skates. Don’t get me wrong, I dig solemn Falcon, I do. But I love that no one but me gets to see this part of you. It’s like a secret you save just for me. I love how you keep things for me”

“I love you so much”, he leaned forward and put his forehead on my chest like loving me wore him out. I nearly choked as my next words came out, “I love you Falcon”. He sucked in a swift breath and looked back into my eyes.”

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Check out the blog tomorrow for Donna's review of book 3 in the series ~ Down 'N' Derby


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