Tuesday 28 May 2013

Lockout (The Alfa Group 2) by Maya Cross

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

This book picks up where Locked finished with Sophia having walked away after what she saw on Sebastian’s phone…however this little blip is soon ironed out and Sophia and Sebastian continue with their relationship.

Sebastian is still the enigma, who is Sebastian Lock??? What does he do??? There is something about the man of mystery and I still haven’t managed to put my finger on it…but it has me intrigued, I can normally see where stories are going but this one has me stumped!!! I am not liking it one bit…I even emailed Maya Cross to tell her she is killing me…but she just replied I would have to wait lol…not good for someone as impatient as I am.

We do start to see a different side to Sebastian in this book, he does open up a lot more with Sophia, mainly over his feelings as he doesn’t open up about anything else…I am sure that this is a case of can’t open up rather than won’t open up. He is definitely tied into something that he feels would scare Sophia away and judging by the CLIFF HANGER ending….maybe he was right.

They continue with their friends with benefits arrangement in the beginning with Sebastian still showing his dominant, kinky side but we see another side to Sebastian especially when they go to the Spanish restaurant. Just as Sophia feels they are making progress things happen and Sebastian is once again left feeling what he has always known. 

“Everything you saw was real Sophia. I’m a lot of things, things that may not be easy to understand, but I am also the same man I was a few days ago. The man who danced with you and held you and felt so impossibly lucky to wake up next to you. The man who thinks he is falling in love with you” 

The sex between these two as ever is seriously smoking…and as usual is not only in the bedroom, there are a few wild and crazy scenes in this book..but you can’t help but root for this couple, you want them to fall in love and have their HEA but I think that Maya Cross is going to put us through the wringer before we actually get it L.
A little snippet from a heart breaking letter… 

“I really thought that maybe I could do this again, that things would be different this time. But now I see how impossible that is. I can never have a normal life. The risks are just too great” 

Why is it impossible????? I need to know….like YESTERDAY!!!

At least I only have to wait till July….not long you say…..but after the ending…July cannot come soon enough….I need to KNOW…..the suspense is killing me!!

Once again Maya Cross, I loved it….just type quicker pleaseeeeeee, pretty please!!!

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