Friday 17 May 2013

Lost and Found by Nicole Williams

Reviewed by Donna 4.5 amazeballs stars!!!

I loved loved loved this book…it was heart wrenchingly emotionally beautiful. I couldn’t put it down and was gutted when I saw “The End”…however, Nicole if you are reading this that seriously cannot be the end…I hardly ever relish having to wait for a sequel but this book NEEDS a sequel in fact it DEMANDS a sequel…it was a sort of  HEA ending but nowhere near enough…no epilogue and a story so open ended that it needs Nicole to start pressing some keys that says…the continuation of Rowen and Jesse…thanks and breatheeeeeee….right where was I???

Oh yes, Rowen…misunderstood because of her appearance you could call her trouble, goth, druggie or as most call her “a freak” she uses her clothing etc as a disguise to hide the true Rowen… underneath all that black there is a lovely girl just waiting to escape… she lived with her “mum” very loosely called that as she is never there for her..and after having suffered something that happened when she was younger Rowen became a virtual recluse within herself and used drugs, alcohol and boys as a way of forgetting..her grades slipped and her mother has all but given up on her. Rowen however  finds her release through art and badly wants to attend art school, it does cost a lot but Rowen’s mum is not prepared to pay for it unless Rowen can prove herself worthy.  Her mum packs her off to her old school friends ranch to play cowboys for the summer, she has to prove that over the summer she can work her butt off and clean up her act.

Rowen has just endured a tortuous journey on the Greyhound bus and is waiting for one of the ranch hands to pick her up…in strides Jesse Walker…a cowboy with the tightest pair of Wranglers, that show off the tightest arse….she is in lust/love!!! Jesse is a 19 year old cowboy..he works for his parents on the ranch..he is nothing like her usual attractions, he is gorgeous, he has a positive attitude, he works hard, he loves his family, he is affectionate, he sees the real her, he pays her compliments she is totally screwed!!

She is put to work on the ranch with 4am starts, but she throws herself in and gives it her all, she actually relishes her time there enjoying being part of a family, something that she has never felt for a very long time…slowly but surely Jesse begins to eat at the walls that she has carefully constructed around herself…

“Why don’t you want to know that I like you Rowen??? Why don’t you want me to tell you I’m so damn attracted to you, I almost don’t trust myself to be alone with you like we are right now???? Why don’t you want to know that I care about you so much????”

This starts a beautifully written story about a girl with such low self esteem that it would take years of drilling to find it beginning a journey of self discovery..not only about how to love others but to also love herself..the Walker family are extremely tight and no matter what they treated Rowen as one of her own, Jesse’s mum knew what Rowen’s mum was like and she always gave her the most heart felt and best advice she could..slowly but surely Rowen came out of her shell and began to find herself.

Jesse was just adorable, I loved him so much…he too had his past, one that meant he hadn’t lead the ideal life that Rowen once thought he had. He had overcome his obstacles and demons and could see the same with Rowen..he had also had his heart broken with his first true love so he also had his worries with regards to a new relationship, but they had this chemistry that was not going to go away…the sort of chemistry whereby they knew each other was close…they could tell what each other was thinking and they both eventually realised what they had was special.

Eventually they both opened up to each other and Jesse’s family and whilst Rowen thought that the family would be mortified that their only son would fall in love with her, they didn’t..they could tell before Rowen and Jesse that there was something there, so it came as no shock.

“We don’t deserve anything Rowen. We don’t deserve punishment, we don’t deserve happiness, life owes us nothing. Realize that” His voice wasn’t gentle anymore; it was as strong as I’d ever heard it. “So we have to take what we want because life sure as shit isn’t going to freely hand it over” . He kissed the skin above my collar bone……..”and I want you”.

This book was so emotional, it dripped off the page…the swoon factor with Jesse was huge he was just such a darling…oh and a virgin!!!! How refreshing that the male lead has the big “V”…they do a lot of kissing and I mean a lot of kissing and even that got me hot under the collar..but the tenderness in losing the big “v” was beautiful..I just loved it all..loved it loved it loved it!!!!!!

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Fab read!!

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