Thursday 23 May 2013

Love and Skate (Love and Skate 1) by Lila Felix

Over the next couple of days we will be reviewing 3 books in the YA series, Love and Skate. We also have a Love and Skate giveaway Saturday! Here's our review of book 1:

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

 I adore Lila Felix’s style of writing and this one was no exception. It is the cutesy romance that we all love to gush over and so beautifully written. This book is Owen and Nellie’s story.

Nellie is one badass chick, she is the captain of the roller derby team, she changes her hair colour as often as people change their undies, she has tattoos and piercings…you may think rough???? But no, she was adorable..she wasn’t emotionally wrecked etc like most books, she was strong and feisty and absolutely hilarious.

Owen was so sweet…I know boys don’t like to be called sweet but he really was,  he was studying to be a biologist so was very smart, he had a pretty entertaining past but was full of trust and self esteem issues. This has been brought on by an ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend (enough said). One of my favourite lines from the book was when Owen first set his eyes on Nellie in his American Lit Class….

I had never seen her before and I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend why. She was drop dead gorgeous with the most perfect pair of legs not to mention she had hair the colour of a smurf’s ass”

I loved the journey that this book took us throughout their relationship, it was a bit of instalove but it was believable, it was by no means plain sailing another thing that it made all the more believable…I adore the Black family. All of Owen’s family are extremely close and the brothers I hope are going to keep me entertained with some books of their own. Sylvia, the matriarch of the family is just sooooooooo, oooh you just want to cuddle her…she takes everyone in, makes them feel welcome, feeds them, looks after them is their sounding board…she is just THE BEST MUM in the world…everyone should have one.

Another line that I loved…

The first time I proposed we were in your bed, the second time in front of my family and this time, it’s just me and you again. I hurt you once, broke your heart. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to fix it. Will you marry me, take a chance on me again?”

The epilogue was beautiful, no cliff hangers!! I will say that this is definitely YA, there are no sex scenes…so if it is heat you want, you are reading the wrong book, but if you want to read about a very cute couple finding love and the journey that they take to find it then this is the one for you…beautiful characters, beautifully written, I loved it…can’t wait for the next one.

Check out the blog tomorrow and Saturday for Donna's review of book 2 and book 3 of The Love and Skate Series and courtesy of author Lila Felix we have a giveaway on Saturday for one lucky person to win a set of the 3 books for their Kindle!  

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