Friday 10 May 2013

Stay With Me (Callahan 2) by AC Marchman

Reviewed by Donna 4.5 Stars

This is the second book in the series, therefore you have to have read Overwhelm Me first!!

Stay With Me starts where Overwhelm me finished and Allie Marshall and Dr Donovan Callahan are still in a relationship, as new as it is…although still very intense and very overpowering at times..they really cannot be without each other.

The time has come for Allie to meet the family and whilst on their journey down to the family’s vineyard and home Donovan breaks it to Allie that in fact he is also going to a wedding whilst he is there and she will be going with him..he is actually a groomsman…Allie is WTF!! Why didn’t you tell me..he said because you would have said no! and so Allie is no on her way to meet the family and to attend the society wedding of the year and she has nothing to wear! They stop off, get a dress and then she has to meet the parents!! Well Dad, sister and evil step mother!!

Donovan’s father is so sweet, he is actually so loveable and takes to Allie straight away, his sister is the same, however, the evil step mother “Donna” (ouch that is my name L) is one totally different kettle of fish!! She is mean and evil and does everything she can to frighten away and intimidate Allie. The thing is, as we know from Overwhelm Me, these two are totally connected to each other..the chemistry, the pull, the desire etc etc etc means that they are totally inseparable, always in bed together, have a very active sex life (cough cough) AC Marchman certainly turns up the heat on these two!!) and the way they are written is like a moth to a flame, you almost feel like a voyeur as you are that close…although you are not…but it is like a magnetic pull to the characters! Donna does not anticipate Allie being so strong and so head over heels with Donovan or for Donovan to be the same..although a few of her cutting remarks certainly hit home to Allie!

Claire “the ex” is still languishing in jail during this book, however, it looks like things maybe moving on this point…skeletons are revealed in a not so great way, leaving Allie reeling and leaving…can Donovan explain and get things back on track with Allie??

We meet Allie’s son in this book and he is totally adorable…what happens between him and Donovan is heart wrenching and the way those two connected was powerful. I was so glad that Donovan stayed and gave Allie the space and time that she needed and eventually let him explain his side…as we all know there are always two sides to every story..

The last chapter was OMG!!! Yes it is another cliffie of sorts, but nothing major…just one of those that leaves you wanting more and quickly!! Hopefully, AC Marchman, can get a turbo charged pen and write it quickly as I really want to see these two get their HEA…they have always fought against their pasts…now I want to see them fight for their future!

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  1. Louise Rawcliffe10 May 2013 at 22:31

    I loved this so much more than book one!

    So happy she stopped crying all the ruddy time ;)