Sunday, 12 May 2013

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

To be honest, I didn’t realise what I was buying, I just love Nichole Chase so it was an instant 1 click!!!!…so even though this was a bit out of my normal reading genre I read it anyways and boy was I surprised!! I actually googled Lilaria as my geography is crap just in case it did exist but alas it doesn’t L but I wouldn’t mind going there on holiday lol!!

Sam was a student currently completing her masters degree as a biologist (something that she inherited from her late mother) she was doing brilliantly on her program and juggling this and looking after her step-father (who she adored) who was ill with cancer. She is extremely intelligent, loves her work and her birds, loves her step-father, is cool headed but feisty, knows what she wants and goes all out to get it. She is however reserved to a certain degree and likes to keep herself to herself..she has a bit of armour there.

Her life is totally turned upside down when she is summonsed to dinner by a Duchess from Lilaria who informs her that she has been sent by the Queen to ask her to come back to Lilaria and reclaim her title and land etc that is hers. Apparently, many years ago, her family (the Rousseaus) left Lilaria during an uprising and the Queen has been trying to trace all descendants so that she can reinstate the name and give back the rightful heirs what is theirs. On this visit the Duchess is accompanied by the Crown Prince Alex, also aptly nick named by Sam’s best friend as “Prince Yummy”.

As you can imagine, Sam is scared, she is expected to go to a strange country and manage her little piece of the kingdom, bring it back to has been ticking over for years by people that have been looking after it but the Queen wants Lilaria to be brought back to life and feels that Sam is the woman for job. Prince Yummy is on hand to talk all this through with Sam and as they share the love of birds too they have a lot in common, including a very strong mutual attraction!!

The deal sealer for Sam is the fact that her step father can receive better care over there and so Sam agrees to pack up and leave America for Lilaria.

Alex, is gorgeous, he is smooth, romantic, caring and charming and just down right utterly and utterly perfect…he has  a rep as a bit of a playboy but Sam soon realises that this is not true, she realises how the press can blow things out of all proportion. She soon realises that Alex was actually hurt in love and for him the love and attention he is showing her is not the norm and that they do actually have something special developing between them.

This book takes you through Sam moving to Lilaria and her coming to terms with her new life and love..the side characters in this book are fab, I love her best friend Jess and her other half and I have such a soft spot for her PA Chadwick (he is gay and hilarious)…he makes her see the light..such a great scene…

Chadwick – “Don’t tell me. Tell him. Everyone has baggage Samantha. His just happens to be very public. He needs someone who will be with him that he can trust. He needs someone who isn’t going to use him or let him forget that he is human” Chadwick reached over and poked my shoulder “He needs you”

Sam – “You just poked me” I looked at his finger

Chadwick – “I did. I poked a Duchess” he snorted “That’s a first”

This was such a refreshing read, totally different, a little bit of make believe…I have read somewhere that this is “the adult version of the princess diaries” I have not seen or heard of this so cannot make any comparison but it is a bit of a Cinderella love story that I fell in love with. There are some great love scenes with Alex and Sam so deffo not for younger readers lol!!

I did feel that the ending was a bit rushed and would actually ask for a sequel, I would love to see what happens to Alex and Sam going forward as I personally feel that their story is only just beginning.

Loved it..totally different, but still loved it..reminds me of being a child again!

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