Tuesday 11 June 2013

His Wicked Games by Ember Casey

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars 

**ARC received for honest review**
The blurb had me intrigued with this one and I was not disappointed. Although I did wonder about the choices that Lily made sometimes..I appreciated she was stranded but it did seem a bit of a strange thing to do…however, with Calder as a reason to stay…I think any red blooded woman would do the same!!

Lily was feisty and a little pocket rocket, so was emotional, powerful and headstrong when it came to her beliefs and the centre that her parents had created and worked tirelessly to keep going. She was now working there too trying to help her father and ensure that the centre ran smoothly to give to the community what it was so sorely lacking. Imagine her horror when it’s largest benefactor pulls out of a signed contract of funding when the owner dies. The reason for this sudden U-Turn Lily feels is the direct result of the son that has now taken over the fathers company and estate Calder Cunningham. So Lily does what Lily thinks is best and she confronts him, especially after he has ignored every phone call, every letter and every sort of communication she has thrown his way and the way of his lawyers.

She breaks into his estate as he does not answer the intercom and what ensues after this is a story of lust and love and life not being at all what it seems.

Calder is a mystery, he has the rep of being a player, being pictured with all types of famous women draped on his arms..sort of like an international play boy, but once Lily is in his company she soon realises that he is not the man he is made out to be. Calder is sensitive, comes across as a bit shy at times but he is dominant…very very hot!!! As they are rained in and the storm has blocked the roads Lily is trapped at the house for a few days and what happens in those few days takes you on a seriously smoking hot journey!

“My restraint only goes so far”, he says. His eyes bore into mine. “I want you Lily. I want to fuck you until you can’t move, until you can’t think, until you’ve forgotten everything else but me. It won’t be gentle. If you don’t want that, then tell me, and I’ll leave this car, but if I stay……I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to control myself”.

Lily plays Calder’s games to try and win back the funding for the centre, but both Lily and Calder’s feelings run a lot deeper than that and they both soon realise that this is no longer a game… is it a game that they can both win or will skeletons and secrets cause the game to have no winners?

I loved Lily and Calder and was rooting for them throughout the book, the way the plot went had you sucked in and you actually felt you were a part of his wicked games, the secret passage scenes were brilliant and you actually felt like you were there…bad very bad…I loved Calder though, I just wanted to give him big hugs and help him..you could tell he was troubled and had a lot on his mind and you knew there was more to him than met the eye.

Brilliantly written for a first book and I cannot wait for more from this author.
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