Wednesday 26 June 2013

#NACrushTourney #TEAMLUCAS Street Team wanted

We have been selected as the new advocate for Lucas in the New Adult Crush Tourney. 

Lucas is from Easy by Tammara Webber. 

We are looking for a Street Team to help spread the word & support us in the Tourney. 

We have just been selected and all the other advocates have had a head start so we need to work hard to catch up. 

Lucas' first match is 2nd July, but we need your help now! 

We especially need bloggers & Facebook groups to help us, but any fan welcome :-) 

If you are interested please email us If you are a blog or have a Facebook page, please let us know in your email. Please put #NACrushTourney #TEAMLUCAS in the email subject so we can pick it up easily. 

Thank you!  

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