Thursday, 13 June 2013

One Tiny Lie (Ten Tiny Breaths 2) by K A Tucker

Reviewed by Donna & Willow

**ARC received for honest review**

What Donna says: 5 Stars

I loved this book, just as I loved Ten Tiny Breaths but for totally different reasons. This is so different so the two cannot be really compared.

In Ten Tiny Breaths Livie was portrayed as the perfect sister, maybe just a little too perfect. For all the trauma they had been through she had seemingly sailed through it unscathed and this worried Kacey. So much so that Kacey had insisted that Livie had a session with Dr Stayner every Saturday as she was just too perfect!! WTF you say, too perfect??? She needed to live a little, she was trying to be what her dad wanted her to be and as she had promised him before he died, she felt that she needed to fulfil her promises. I will say Dr Stayner made this book for me, he was hilarious and their texting and calls just had me chuckling to myself.

Kacey goes with Livie to get her settled into university and she makes sure before she leaves that Livie has experienced, getting drunk and going to a party. This is where Livie meets Ashton. “And he’s pretty much the hottest guy at this school. And also a giant ass. And a bit of a man whore”

I must admit, I did fall for Ash, even though he was a player and he had a girlfriend (and I DO NOT condone cheating in any shape or form) I felt that there was a lot more to his story than was initially revealed and I was so glad that my gut instinct proved to be correct.  Livie more or less spends the night in his company at this party, they make out do a few drunken games, get tattoos lol and then she finds out he has a girlfriend..she is so upset. So she does what any other girl would do and finds herself another available guy, she bumps into Connor, he is sweet and tries to comfort her, they eventually agree on a date to go out..unbeknown to her, he is Ashton’s best mate!! OMG you just know this is going to cause problems!!

But Ashton, being Ashton, encourages her romance with Connor, he knows that he is taken and keeps persuading her that Connor is the right guy. Livie knows he isn’t and the more that she sees of the real Ashton the more she wants from him..if only he didn’t have a girlfriend!!

There is a angst, love, romance and comedy in this book and I loved it…this is a note that Ashton passed to Livie whilst in class, trying to persuade her to give him a chance..

1)      I am brilliant

2)      I am charming

3)      I am hung like a thoroughbred

4)      I have stopped all philandering

5)      I am highly skilled, as your learned the other night

PS: Stop staring at my hands. I know what you want me to do with them.

Teachers reply “and if I was this young lady. I would seriously debate number 1”

The trouble with Ashton was that he was sending mixed signals…he wants her, then her wants her to stay with Connor, then he wants her, then he wants her to stay with Connor…it was soooo back and forth that I just wanted him to stop, think and just do the right thing!! She was not suited to Connor and she loved him, he just needed to realise that he was worthy of that.

I loved the way that Dr Stayner jumped in and managed to help Ashton, he truly does always save the day with the Cleary sisters.

Fantastic book, I love KA’s style of writing and this book was no exception. Can’t wait to see what else comes out from this.
What Willow says:  5 Stars

I loved this book so much! Donna's talked a bit about the book already so I will just say this. This book was perfect for me, it was funny in parts, sad in parts and there was angst, but there was also love. There were two people with their own issues trying to make sense of stuff. There were great side characters, and Dr Stayner was just brilliant! My heart broke when we start to realise what Ash's issues are, there was even a little twist thrown in there too. Livie's journey with Dr Stayners help is sad in parts. The relationship between the two keeps you on the edge of your seat and at one point I thought my poor little heart couldn't take it!

I will just leave you with this - Go buy it now!!

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