Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

This book is different, so if it is a hearts and flowers romance story you are after then this is not the book for you, this is a bit dark, raw, emotional and very gritty.
Cole is broken, very very broken..he was an outcast at school, he was a “bad boy” but really he wasn’t, he just took no shit. He fell in love at a young age with a girl that was “forbidden fruit”, she was abused, he was her saviour, he looked out for her. They had their own ways of communicating with pictures drawn on the path in chalk, rain meant it wasn’t safe a sun meant he could go and see day she was gone, without a word, this broke him.
“She wasn’t this cookie cutter teenager that fit into the popular crowd. She was broken like I was and I wanted us to fix each other”
Colt, was born, he was dark and damaged and got in with the wrong crowd, he has a job that he is not proud of, but one that he is good at. He works for the bad guys, but it pays well and it means that he can keep a low profile…that was until he met Lily.
Lily put two and two together and soon realised Colt was Cole, but it was too late, unbeknown to her she had put herself in danger and was being dragged into the darkness that Colt was now involved in.
“What happened to you???”
“You happened”
Lily slowly managed to break down Colt and now it is up to Colt to save them both.
“This isn’t a joke. This is life or fucking death Lily, I am trying to save you”
I really enjoyed this book, there is a lot of plot, a lot of tooing and froing between both their pasts and the now, which at times was confusing  but it was so good to understand their history. To understand why Cole had changed so much and to find out who Cole really was deep down. You knew that he wasn’t the tormented soul that he was now. I must admit, I was expecting him to be something different altogether but that never came so I was pleasantly surprised. He had his connections and he really needed them.
A great book, that I really enjoyed.

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