Saturday 20 July 2013

Edible (Exquisite 3) by Ella Frank @EllaFrank2012

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 hot sticky caramel flavoured stars!!
You thought peaches were hot….caramel is soooooooo much better!!

This is my favourite of the series so far and I didn’t think anyone’s story could top that told in Exquisite.

Edible is Rachel’s story, Mason’s little sister, the pastry chef at Exquisite and also who now runs their mums flower shop. She is one busy lady!! The pressure of being “Rachel” is beginning to show and she is finally realising that she needs more from her life..after seeing all of her friends matching up with others she is feeling lonely and she wants to find her person!!

“Never let someone make you feel like you are not the best version of yourself, you hear me?”

“Yes dad” Rachel mumbled

Rachel has been burned by a previous abusive relationship, one that her father rescued her from. Mason is none the wiser about this as their father insisted on it being their secret. Now that she has lost both her parents Rachel feels that she cannot talk to anyone about her past or her feelings without Mason finding out, she keeps everything bottled in. She has her means of escape through what she wears, how she dyes her hair and her tattoos and piercings but these are merely a façade to the real Rachel. She frequents the club “Whipped” and through this Lena and Shelley have nick named her super domme although this is far from the truth.

Cole first spotted Rachel in Whipped and felt an instant connection to her..he saw the real Rachel, not the super domme that she tries to portray. After a few chance meetings and his feelings never wavering Cole decides that he has to get to know Rachel, but will he be able to convince that this is what she wants??
“Remember this moment Rachel because I don’t plan to forget it until you’re screaming my name so loudly that every single person within a ten-mile radius knows what it f**king is”

I absolutely loved Cole, in fact I adored him. He is a man that knows what he wants and does not give up until he gets it, his pursuit of Rachel is relentless and he even gets his PA on side to help dig up information so that he can find out who exactly this woman is that his him so captivated. He is dominant, very alpha male, but he is sure that Rachel is a closet submissive and he totally relies on his instincts in this book. It turns out his instincts are correct and the relationship these two have is seriously hot!! I mean smoking hot!! Ella Frank certainly knows how to nail a sex scene!!

Cole has baggage as with anyone and is extremely torn up about things happening away from work and Rachel. Rachel manages to help him with this and this only intensifies their connection. In return Cole manages to break down Rachel’s walls and she eventually opens up and tells Cole about her abuse and they help heal each other.

The writing is beautiful, emotional and super sexy, the connection from Cole and Rachel radiates from the page, it is palpable…it pulls you in to their little world and you fall hook line and sinker. You cannot help but devour this book. The epilogue was just WOW, I am a sucker for a fab epilogue and this did not disappoint and it did wrap up the series with a nice neat perfectly tied little bow. Absolutely loved it!!
“What are you wearing under this Rachel?”

Turning in his arms, she looked him square in the eye, courtesy of her heels and gave him a sexy wink. “Two silver studs. Why?”

He knew it. F**k. This night is going to take forever,

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