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New Author Week ~ Day 5 & Giveaway 5

Welcome to the final day of New Author Week.
Lets check out today's authors:
The Professor by Josie Leigh 
Sub Genre: Erotic
Release Date: 6th June 2013
Book Description:
When Sabrina Carson's daydream in class leads her to ask her Professor to tutor her after hours, she knew what she was really asking. She knew what she wanted, and with the help of her roommate, she even knew how to go for it. She only questioned whether he'd be receptive to her advances.
Professor Areleon didn't know why he'd already been drawn to Sabrina since her first day of class. When she asks for help, he decides it's time to explore her hold over him. After she is late for their appointment, he learns exactly what Sabrina is capable of, and hopes that his burning desire to possess her doesn't bring him and everything he's ever worked for down around him.
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Lateness will not be tolerated, Miss Carson,” Professor Areleon said, calmly as Sabrina appeared in his office doorway. He could already tell it was going to be a long night from the patent leather black heels that were in his line of vision. Slowly, he let his eyes follow her lean tan legs up to the tease of a skirt she wore. It barely covered the curve of her ass, and he wondered what nirvana he could find beneath it. He schooled his expression as his gaze fell on the scarlet halter barely visible under the cream cardigan buttoned mid-way and the swell of her breasts pushed up deliciously above the sloping neckline of her shirt. Her ash blonde hair spilled over one shoulder, her brown eyes bright and her cheeks were flushed as if she’d run to get there on time. “I can see from your panting that you did, at least, try to arrive on time. So I will let it go, but see that it doesn’t happen again. I’m not a fan of wasting my personal time,” he admonished.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, bowing her head and taking a seat on the chair just inside the doorway and directly across from his desk. Pulling her backpack from her back, she retrieved her books and crossed her legs.

“You won’t need your book right away,” he waved off her preparedness. “I need to get a feel for what you know and what sections you are lacking,” his pale blue eyes flashed to hers as he watched an involuntary shiver move through her body and she squirmed in her seat.

“Is that so?” she asked, leaning down to set the book on the floor and giving him an eyeful of her cleavage. His slacks tightened to new levels of discomfort. He didn’t think there was anything she could do to make him harder, but he was wrong. At that moment, as she sat up in her chair, she crossed her legs again and he caught a peek of blonde curls under her skirt. Holy shit.

“Miss Carson, did you forget your panties tonight?” he asked, suddenly sick of the tutoring pretense and eager to get to the real reason they both knew she was there. He couldn’t believe the innocent blush that settled on her cheeks at his question. “Answer me,” he commanded.

“No, Professor. I didn’t forget them,” she said, softly.

“Close the door, Sabrina,” he told her. “I want to get to the real reason you’ve requested tutoring.”

“Okay,” she nodded, standing and closing the oak door to his office.

“Lock it,” he directed and she obeyed before taking her seat again. “You have an A in my class, Miss Carson. In fact, you set the curve on Friday’s exam according to my grad students. What do you hope to get out of these sessions?”

“You,” she answered, a determined look in her caramel brown eyes.
About The Author:

Josie Leigh is an independent author who focuses on writing Romance because she loves a story with a happy ending. Writing has been an escape for her from a very young age, and she cherishes the time she gets to spend with her characters. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition in 2008, she pursued a challenging career in the field of nutrition insecurity and anti-hunger advocacy. She is grateful to be able to feed hungry families on a daily basis and chase her literary dreams in her off time.

The Professor is Josie's first foray into the world of Erotic Romance. Her previously released books are "Love, but Never" and "The Weakness in Me," both are full length contemporary romance novels.

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Twitter: @leigh_josie

Safe With You by Kirsten DeMuzio

Sub Genre: NA/Contemporary
Release Date: 28th April 2013

Book Description:

After overcoming a difficult childhood, Taryn Ross has a fairy tale life - her father is a Senator contemplating a run for President, her mother loves to take her shopping for ridiculously expensive clothes, and she is finishing up her junior year at NYU.

What she doesn’t have is love - the heart pounding, mind blowing, passion filled love that she reads about in her collection of steamy romance novels. But that might change when she accepts a cup of coffee from a sexy mysterious stranger.

Wyatt Hunter has experienced a loss that has him living each day just going through the motions. His world is in dull shades of gray - until the day he meets Taryn. She brings vibrant brilliant color back into his life, and he can’t stand the thought of going on without her.

But Wyatt is holding a secret that could send Taryn running when she finds out.

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I hadn’t taken my keys when we left, because I knew Lindsay would be home by the time we got back. And, really, where would I have put them in this tiny outfit? I knocked twice and Lindsay opened the door with a bright smile on her face. I knew she was looking forward to meeting Wyatt after I had been talking about him nonstop for the last two weeks. And the way she was grinning at him like an idiot, I could see it wasn’t just me who found him insanely attractive.

“Hi, I’m Lindsay, Taryn’s cousin and roommate. You must be Hot Coffee Guy.”

“Lindsay!” I gasped and gave her my best death stare. Wyatt chuckled at my nickname for him and shook her outstretched hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Lindsay. My real name is Wyatt Hunter.”

I shoved past Lindsay with a huff and stalked to the kitchen to grab two bottles of water out of the fridge. Before I could turn around I felt Wyatt come right up behind me and rest his hands lightly on my waist. “Hot Coffee Guy, huh?” He murmured in my ear. My body stiffened in response to his unexpected closeness, and I turned around and took a step back right into the counter. Now I glared at him and slapped the bottle of water against his chest. “That’s what I called you before I knew your name, because…you were drinking hot coffee.” He opened the water and took a drink, keeping his eyes on mine. “Sure, whatever,” he chuckled again. I rolled my eyes, and thought two can play at this game.

I took a quick sip of my water and put the cap back on, before tipping my head back and running the cold exterior of the bottle slowly down one side of my neck. I let my eyes flutter shut and my head fall back and continued moving the bottle over my collarbone and down to the deep V of my tank top that showed just a hint of cleavage. I heard Lindsay cough to cover a laugh and opened my eyes to find Wyatt staring at the trail the bottle had just traveled with his mouth hanging slightly open. I could tell he was breathing just a little harder now and he had a dangerously tight grip on his own bottle of water.
About The Author:
Kirsten DeMuzio lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, two young daughters and happy golden retriever named Whiskey. After working for several years as an accountant and dreaming up story ideas while inputting data into a spreadsheet, Kirsten finally decided to get the stories out of her head and into a book.

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Emerge by S.E Hall 

Sub Genre: NA
Release Date: 15th May 2013

Book Description:

Laney Walker is a quick witted, athletic, southern girl who lets few get too close. Evan Allen is her rock; the chivalrous hometown hero who’s always loved her. No sooner than they finally delve into romantic feelings for each other, college sends them packing, miles apart.

Laney is slow to adjust to life with a new team, fanciful roommate and co-ed dorm, but one night changes everything and her heart is left divided.

Dane Kendrick is sexy, debonair and mysterious…and the pull to him cannot be ignored. He draws out parts of her she never knew existed. What would happen if she let go of her lifelong reservations and took a leap of faith into what she never knew she wanted? A jump that Dane seems more than happy to help her through.

What do you do when there is no wrong decision?

New Adult/Coming of Age Romance- recommended for mature audiences.
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 Prologue- Lil Laney

I simply cannot hang out with the girls at recess. No one should expect me to, right? At the ripe old age of 10, I’ve already figured out one should be interested in far more than boys and gossip; the only two things they ever seemed to talk about. Besides, they don’t want anything to do with me anymore. Michelle, the loud one, has made it clear that her mother thinks “it’s a shame I have no female influence,” so surely my dad will completely understand the call from Principal Mills…again.

Principal Mills doesn’t really ever get mad at me. He’s a lot like my dad, easygoing and a bit of a softie, so it’s easy to sit with him in his small, cramped office until Dad gets here. I’m not too concerned about getting in trouble; I never get in any real trouble. I’ve heard them talk many times after sending me out to the hall. They think I’m “angry and acting out.”

They’re wrong.

I’m not angry and I don’t need their pity. They should pity her. She’s the one who gave up. Well, she gave us up, anyway. Who knows what her greener grass was exactly.

Soon enough my dad strides in, casual as always, and all too comfortably takes a seat. He’s here at least once a month, after all. They shake hands like they’re poker buddies or something. I’m not even sure Dad calls him Principal Mills, or even Mr. Mills, anymore. I think he just calls him Paul. They talk for the first ten minutes about this year’s high school hopefuls. This town lives for high school football and baseball, depending on the season. Hopefully they forget my dilemma altogether.

No such luck.

“Wanna tell me what happened, slugger?”

I put on my best puppy dog face, “Daddy, ‘member what you said about not starting a fight, but I could damn sure finish one? “

The fine Principal tries to hide a chuckle and my dad reminds me to watch my mouth.

“Well…Andy Collins shoved me first, cause he’s a sore loser, so…I finished it. I whooped him in Horse and then I whooped him for shoving me.” That should clear all this up, right?

“Now, Laney, one shove only warrants one shove back. If I got a call, you musta tore the boy up. Why didn’t you just go tell a teacher?”

Is he serious right now? I’m not a snitch.

“Daddy, please. I didn’t tear him up that bad…I didn’t have to.”

“And why is that?” He cocks one eyebrow curiously.

Principal Mills answers for me. “Cause Evan Allen did it for her.”


It didn’t take long to find Mr. Allen. Turns out the Allen family had recently moved in right down the street. Dad wanted to let the man know that he thought what his son had done was noble and sure hoped Evan wasn’t in any trouble. Confirming he wasn’t, it’d only seemed right to invite the boy fishing with us.

At least, that’s how Dad explains it to me. It doesn’t stop me from pouting the whole ride to the pond and trying to ignore the intruder in the back seat with me.

“Thanks for inviting me, Mr. Walker. I love fishing.” Sure he does; what a butt kisser.

“My pleasure, Evan, we’re happy to have ya’ along. Aren’t we, Laney? “

“Of course, Daddy.” I smile sweetly before continuing. “Say, Evan, you know how to bait your own hook, right?” What? I’m genuinely concerned. I don’t want to end up doing everything for the kid.

Evan just looks at me from the corner of his eye, not answering.

“Dad, did you bring him a life jacket? We wouldn’t want him to fall in and drown if he hooks a big one.”

Dad doesn’t answer me, either. They both look uncomfortable; I’m not the least bit perturbed. There’s more where that came from, boys! I can do this all day and it’s well-deserved, as far as I’m concerned. How dare Dad invite this boy into our time together? My time with Dad is sacred. We don’t need company.

“Hey, Evan…” I drawl, kicking the smartass act up a notch as we climb out of the truck and grab our gear, “don’t get used to this. One rescue, one trip. Got it?”

Dad acts like he doesn’t hear me and walks ahead to the water. He thinks his new little hero can hold his own with me. We’ll see.

“Rescue, huh? That’s what you think that was?”

So… Evan can answer. “Whatever, you know what I mean. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. My dad and I are just fine without them. I don’t need new friends any more than I needed saving. I can take care of myself just fine.”

“Oh, I could see that, tiger. That’s not why I did it.”

Tiger? Could he not remember my name? Typical boy. “Why did you then?”

He thinks for a minute, kicking the dirt with his toe, and then shrugs. “I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.”

I never heard what he came up with. Turns out, we had plenty of other things to talk about.
About the Author:

S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 17 years and 3 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading YA and NA romance.

Author Links:
Twitter: @emergeauthor
Tongues of Angels by Julia Park Tracey 
Sub Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: 1st May 2013
Book Description:

A Catholic priest with questions. A penitent woman with a secret past. A jealous friend. The fourth in this lover's knot? God.

Father Rob Souza faces the forbidden desire of his own heart when Jessica, victim of a brutal assault, comes for counseling. Rob’s best friend, Lawrence, is a priest with an artistic temperament and trials of his own. A Greek chorus of gossiping priests, and church politics riddled with suspicion and battling for souls, force Lawrence, Rob and Jessica to make choices they didn't intend. Tongues of Angels offers a peek behind the curtain of the priesthood, offering a funny, poignant look at Catholic angst and ambiguity. Based on a true story, Tongues of Angels is a canny, warm and surprisingly spiritual novel for our time. 
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On feast days he wore red, the blood red of virgin martyrs and cardinals. His brocade chasuble, a heavy mantle that draped him from his collar to his shoes, was piped with gold, curved at the hem, with a slit for his head. When he walked he seemed to glide, and when he held his hands out to consecrate the Eucharist, the chasuble shifted to reveal his arms, cloaked in white from the linen alb he wore underneath, exposing the narrow cuffs of his black clerical shirt beneath the alb, layer under layer that ended at the naked brown skin of his hands.

Father Robert Souza was a Roman Catholic priest, under the chasuble and alb, and clerical collar (size Pontiff 3) and the black shirt and slacks that are the uniform of the priest.

And under that, boxer shorts.

And under those, the man.

Rob had deliberated over the boxers. For years he had worn bleached white shorts that his mother had ironed, yes, ironed with a heavy hand and an ancient iron that she ran over paraffin for a crisp sheen. When he was old enough to buy his own shorts, he switched to tight, bright bikini briefs, which had amused his fellow seminarians and given him adolescent moments in front of the mirror, admiring his physique, a blue-collar Portuguese boy in Speedos, building muscles to lift a chalice. His former girlfriend had once given him some black silk boxers which he still kept but never wore; after ordination, Rob bought white briefs that somehow conferred respectability with their simple, practical function, and suited his position in the parish.

Then once, when Rob visited with some parishioners who suffered infertility problems, the husband explained how briefs lowered his sperm count and how, that for healthy sperm, a man should wear looser shorts. Rob worked through the issue as if it were a syllogism, a geometric proof: If tight shorts lower the sperm count, and lower sperm count can affect fertility, then men should wear loose shorts to ensure fertility. But when he added the x factor of celibate priesthood into the equation, he faltered. He didn’t need a sperm count, high or low. Rob stood before the underwear kiosk in a department store on his day off, anonymous and average in his jeans and chambray shirt, and weighed his decision.

When a man has a vocation to the priesthood, he must meet certain qualifications to be ordained: be at least twenty-four years old, a legitimate child, and of sound mind and body, although the Bishop could dispense most impediments. Rob himself had received a dispensation from the Bishop because he had been a few months shy of his twenty-fourth birthday at his ordination six years before, and one of Rob’s classmates received a dispensation because of an undescended testicle. St. Thomas Aquinas had preached, long before the invention of the microscope, that each drop of a man’s seed was like a tiny man, thus sacred, and despite more modern medical understanding, the Catholic doctrine was the same. Although a priest must never put his gift to use, the living seed must be cherished. Rob, sound of mind and body, poised to choose between the guilty freedom of boxer shorts versus the ball-crushing, sperm-killing snap of tight elastic, was glad to have worked it out.

He had worn boxers ever since.
About the Author:

Julia Park Tracey is an award-winning writer, editor, and blogger. She is the author of Tongues of Angels: A Novel and a collection of poetry, as well as an ongoing women’s history publication project. The Doris Diaries ( is a series of early 20th century diaries penned by her great aunt; they include I’ve Got Some Lovin’ to Do: The Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen (1925-1926) and Reaching for the Moon: More Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen (1927-1929), both through Indie-Visible Ink. She lives in Northern California. Follow Julia at, and on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads and Amazon.

Author Links:
Twitter: @juliaparktracey
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