Monday 15 July 2013

Release Day ~ Made from Greater Stone (The Stone Trilogy) by RJ Simpkin

Reviewed by Dawn ~ 4 Stars

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

I'm finding this so hard to review. It had me hooked I couldn't put it down and I powered to the end I completely loved Nathan I even liked Honey a lot (until one bit and now I'm not so fond of her!!)
But at the same time I felt it had the feel a lot of other books mixed into one. And it had a HUGE cliffy!!! And there are a few bits where the writing seems to mix between past and present writing.
I'm thinking 3.5-4* (can I give 3.75*??)

I'll start by giving a bit of a background...
Olivia or Honey as she's known is a twenty two year old just graduated as a physiotherapist. She's moved to Chicago to live with her best friend Joseph that she has grown up with, he's more like her brother as their single mothers shared the care of them growing up.
Olivia turns her hand to her Burlesque dancing, until a job comes along, this is where she is known as Miss Honey Glaze. She loves what she does, the art of the dance, the costumes the attention but most of all she loves the different person she become when she is Honey. As Olivia she's an unconfident shy, wallflower happy to hide behind others but once she's Honey she's a strong confident sexy woman who love to tease and she loves it she just doesn't have the confidence to make Honey her full time persona.

On her first day as a Pearly Girl she meets Scarlet and Mitzi. They instantly connect and she goes out with them that night to Club
Noir. They go for a drink to a bar first and that's where she meets him...Tall dark beautiful and arrogant Mr Stone or Mr Hot as she calls him. She spills a drink on him and he is none to pleased and tells her so. Low and behold Nathan is part of the group they are with at the club. There's an instant attraction between them something they have never felt with anyone before.
As the night goes on Honey gets drunk and Nathan takes care of her. He takes her home and just when she thinks he's going to kiss her he see the name on her buzzer and thinks she has a boyfriend. Then he's gone.
Honeys thoughts are consumed with him then on her first night as a Pearl he's sends her a beautiful thoughtful (cheeky) grift.
Their next meeting doesn't go so well though. Then Nathan returns a few days later asking to see her again. She does something really sweet and they decide to "see how things go ".
From there the relationship really takes off and we see a completely different side to him. He's loving kind, caring, romantic and sweet to her. But he has secrets and he's not ready to share.
Honey does so thing a little bit silly and I was shutting at my kindle, Oh you silly girl he'll find that and he won't be happy with you!!
Things happen and to get away from it all they head to Canada to see someone from Nathan's past.
They get back on track and things are going well then..............there's a cliffy and I hate Honey for what she did!!!!! And I want to voice my option on it but if I did it would ruin it for you so I just messaged RJ Simpkin and moaned to the other girls instead!!!
I want the next one NOW!!!!!

Ok so after writing about the book and reflecting on how it made me feel I've decided to give it 4! It did have a mix of other books we have all read and love but at the same time it was different and I really enjoyed it, I will read the next on as soon as I get it and I would recommend it to others. And I loved Nathan, poor scared loving Nathan...swoon!!!

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