Friday 30 August 2013

Friday Frights ~ Review of Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

Friday Frights! Paranormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

Bad Mouth is a fabulous book about humans and vampires having to work together to solve an outbreak of horrific murders, humans being turned into rogue vampires and a terrific romance.

This book I could not put down and I had to read on one sitting. The two main characters are Val and Kade.

You have Val with an ingrained distrust of everything vampire because of her ex-husband Will and on the other side you have Kade whose hatred for all humans stems from a cruel childhood going into acts that he has to do to this day. Cruel, cruel, cruel. Not an auspicious alliance you might say but that is nothing to the shock that these two got when they first meet. What with Kade’s mind set that the liaison officers of the VLO were either mousy or butch but instead there stands in front of him this petite, very curvy blonde.

“Who actually affects his nether regions, this knee jerking reaction was as welcome as his own beheading.”

Ha ha ha!

As to Val, there was this wickedly handsome, rugged and sexy man giving her sensual feelings she thought were long dead, another knee jerk reaction you might say OMG!!

The chemistry is there you might say but with a few bumps in the road this is not an easy journey for either of them. The investigation gets complicated but it also draws them closer and you can’t get much closer than in the back of Kade’s car!! Steamy windows!!

“I need this right now” he whispers against Val’s lips”

And this is just the start! Yeah…bring it on! With interesting and surprising people coming in and helping Val and Kade, eye openers for Val which changes her thinking on vampires and Kade being blind sided with this little blonde who is sex on legs, unafraid of him, giving him sarcastic remarks, hell!

With regards to the bedroom scene, phew!!

In front of Val was this incredible, sexy, naked Greek God.

“Please Oh Please Kade” the suction at her neck strumming her core.

“Kade” she screamed, “Mine” he whispered in her ear. She turns her head “Mine” she says into his lips.


Hey can I find a man like this, hot hot hot!!

This is really a must read, Angela you have done yourself proud and I really love the remarks that comes out of Kade’s mouth. I think a bit of your Navy comes in here though saucy Matelots I can just hear them ha ha ha! I hope that this is not the end of these two, I hope to hear more of their exploits.

Friday Frights will return in two weeks.

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