Friday 9 August 2013

Giveaway ~ 3000 facebook likes!

Wow we made it to 3000 facebook likes really quickly! Thank you so much to all our followers! 

As we did a big giveaway for our 2000 likes and we've only just announced the winners we decided not to do such a big giveaway so soon, but we do want to thank you all as we really appreciate your support. We decided we'd each gift our favourite book, but none of us could decide what our favourite book was, there are just too many so we decided to gift 3 ebooks each, making a total of 9 ebooks for one lucky winner! 


I decided that I just couldn't choose a favourite book so decided to do my favourite series. My first choice is easy - but I am going to cheat and say my favourite author because although Experiement in Terror is my favourite series, Karina Halle's Artist Trilogy is pretty awesome too and is definitely one of my favourite series. So I am gifting A Karina Halle book - its the winners choice which one. (winner can choose Shooting Scars which is released on 20th Aug)

I recently read Thief, book 3 in the Love Me with Lies series by Tarryn Fisher. I love this series because it's so different. I equally both Love and Hate the characters at the same time. Its a must for anyone who hasn't yet read it so my second book is a Tarryn Fisher book, again winners choice.

For my third choice I struggled, I still wanted to give the winner a choice of books but there are so many good series out there that I've read and I kept changing my mind. However recently several book friends have found out that I've not read any Kristen Ashley books yet (yes I know - I am ashamed!)  They've all said that I'm seriously missing out so I promised to start The Gamble when I finish my current book. Kristen Ashley has such a range of books that I'm sure there's at least one that the winner wont have read so I'm gifting a Kristen Ashley book of the winners choice.  


I couldn't decide which one was my favourite book, to be honest I couldn't even decide my favourite three books. I have read nearly 300 books this year already so you can imagine how hard it has been to choose! I have therefore decided to choose 3 debut authors from this year. Once again though this is a really tough choice, so I have picked 3 totally different books so you have a varied read.

My first choice is Real by Katy Evans, anyone who knows me knows how much I love this book! This book really touched me, I cried a lot over this book, Remy is my no:1 book boyfriend, he is MINE and I am an avid member of the LLF, yes this is the Remington Riptide Tate fan club, I adore this book! This is an adult read, enjoy, I know I did.

My second choice is By A Thread by RL Griffin. I love this series, this is romance and suspense, beautifully written, amazing plot and I have been totally sucked into Stella's life, she is a ballsy lady that you can't help but want to succeed, survive and live and love again. Once again I am a BaT girl, yes the By A Thread fan club! Enjoy and be prepared for the ride. This is an adult read.

My third choice is More Than This by Jay McLean this is a mature YA / NA read. I only read this book last month and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is an emotional read, extremely emotional, I cried buckets but the writing is sooo good, the characters are amazing and I couldn't help but fall in love with this book, so much so I have pimped it to high heaven. Enjoy!!

Now, today I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Fueled by K Bromberg, I am not going to say what happened but I will say I am struggling! My tear ducts are empty! This book is truly amazing! I thought Driven was good but Fueled is way out there! I can't let anyone miss out on this series so I will round the prize up to 10 and contribute Driven by K Bromberg too, you can then be ready for Fueled which comes out at the end of the month! This is an adult read. Enjoy!!


Wow can't believe we have come so far in so little time. I want to gift you 3 of my fave books.

Leo and Leo's Chance by Mia Sheridan.
I loved Leo's Chance this year, so in order for you to love it too I need to gift Leo as well. I fell in love with the characters in the book straight away in Leo and thought it was fabulous for a debut novel. I got into a bit of author stalking and chatted to Mia for a bit telling her my love for the book. She's a lovely friendly lady and didn't report me for stalking!!  I couldn't wait to read Leo's Chance when I heard it was coming. Then Mia kindly offered us ARC reads and I was jumping for joy. It's a beautiful story re told from a male POV but it also gave answers to some of the things that happened in Leo. It is without a doubt my fave book of the year so far.

For my third book I'm gifting On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. I loved this book, but when I first heard about it I though oh no not another hot young rich guy but Braden is so much more and the story is much more than just a romance. This book had me hooked from the first page. The other books in the series are great too. I love Samantha too and as well as a great writer she's a lovely lady and like me she's Scottish! So if you've not read this series I'll start you off by gifting the first book but if u have I'll gift another in the series. Enjoy.   

That's now 10 ebooks to one lucky winner!
Enter below:

Please note that these will be gifted from so are Kindle ebooks only.


  1. Great giveaway. Thanks for all you do. Met a lot of great new authors through your par and giveaways!

  2. Thanks for your amazing giveaway. I certainly hope I win, those are some really great books.

  3. Thanks for the great giveaway!