Thursday 19 September 2013

Review ~ Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts 3) by Cassia Leo @AuthorCassiaLeo

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“Love is not black and white. It’s not even gray. Love is every shade of colour in the spectrum, changing with every ray of light given and stolen. Sometimes you forget how much you love someone, until you realise their smile is like a spotlight shined on your heart.”

This is the third in the series so you must have read Relentless and Pieces of You first. This is a fantastic series and Bring Me Home is the conclusion. We have our favourite characters, Claire, Adam and Chris. Claire was left having to choose who she wanted to end up with, would it be Adam or Chris. I was always Team Adam, deep down I felt I knew the way that this story was going to go and I wasn’t going to like it. However, I will say that no matter what team you were/are on, you will love this conclusion. Everybody got their happy ever after no matter who they were, you may like it, you may not, but you should!!

The one thing that cannot be criticized is Cassia Leo’s writing, all of these books have been emotional, compassionate and extremely heart felt. You feel the emotion oozing off the page and you cannot help but let your emotions get the better of you. A lot of tears were spilled reading this book.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s that sometimes letting someone go is the ultimate act of love.”

I will not say who she ends up with as this will spoil it for you but you need to read to experience the emotions that you will be going through and see that despite the choices that everyone had to make they were in fact the right choices for them.

“It’s not our mistakes that define us. It’s the lessons that we learn that show our true character.”

Chris and Claire are still trying to push through for access to their daughter. Adam is pursuing his dreams of surfing and Chris is still riding waves of his own in the music industry. Claire has some choices and I am glad to say that she makes them early on in the book so you do get put out of your misery very early. Some may say that this was good, others bad as the suspense was taken away, but once you read the whole story you are glad that it was done that way.

It does have an amazing epilogue!! I loved it!! I am sorry that I have to keep this review so brief but I really cannot spoil this one and too many comments will just give the game away. So I will end it, how the book ended, so many fabulous one liners in this book.

“Because I love you more than this.” And by “this” he means everything.

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