Wednesday 11 September 2013

Review ~ Broken Fairytale by Nikola Jensen

Reviewed by Willow ~ 3 Stars

**Copy received from author for honest review**

I have actually struggled trying to decide how to rate this book. I wanted to love it, I really did, but I felt something was missing. Now don't get me wrong I did enjoy reading the book and once I got into it, it was a pretty easy read.

The subject of the book is a difficult one, its mostly told from Izzy's point a view. A broken girl from an abusive home. There was an "accident" 18 months previously surrounding Izzy's brother and you get the sense that this was to do with the abuse but it is slowly fed out to you. Izzy is now ready to try and get her life back together. She is starting Uni and is trying to get a job so that she can move out of her parents house. On the first day at Uni she meets two guys, Aiden who becomes a great friend and Declan, who she is instantly attracted to and shares a kiss.

After an event that happens at home, Izzy realises she can't stay at her parents house any longer. Aiden had previously mentioned that he and his two house mates were looking for a fourth person to share with them, so packing up her stuff, she takes a chance and leaves.

What she didn't count on was that one of these house mates was Declan - awkward! Especially as Izzy is falling for him.

"So I decide to get the cleaning stuff out from under the sink and make an attempt at cracking the grime and forget all about the guy upstairs who's quickly taking hold of my heart"

But Declan is a bit of a player, he doesn't do relationships and Izzy doesn't know if this bad boy is what she needs, even if its who she wants. Declan has issues in his past too and part of that past is a girl in the here and now so he tries to stay away but there's something about Izzy:

"When I met you Izzy, you crawled under my skin, you hit me so hard and I can't stop you, I can't stop thinking about you. I can't leave you alone."

Should Izzy give in to her feelings for this bad boy who is sending mixed signals or should she stick with a "nice" guy?

Throughout the book you get snippets of what happened the night of the accident and see Izzy trying to deal with this and move forward. She still visits her mum and you get to learn more about her abusive family life and see Izzy experience it. You see how her relationship with Declan is helping her feel ready to open up, heal and move on.

As I said before I did enjoy reading this book but it was missing something. My biggest issue is that other than a small bout of angst, I didn't feel any emotion reading it and given the subject matter I really expected it to have a punch. I also felt that some things were a little rushed, especially them falling for each other and I would have liked this fleshed out more.

It was a quick easy read and I read it in one sitting. It had the potential to be a great book, but the emotion I should have felt just wasn't there for me, but who knows it might be there for you. :-)

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