Monday 2 September 2013

Review & Giveaway ~ Second Chances by TA Webb

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“This man was the husband of my heart. I’d be a man for him, the man he deserved.”

This book was my first experience of a male/male romance. I was nervous as hell going into it, would I like it? Could I read it? Would I love it? This book was recommended to me by another blogger that I have followed for ages and have always respected her reviews, so I trusted her!! I downloaded and started reading!!

I have not been able to stop thinking about this book, that is when you know you have read something really, really good. The characters have imprinted themselves into my mind and all I can do is think about them and they have really got to me!!

It is a very emotional read, it is true to life, honest, incredibly romantic, beautiful, heart warming, heart wrenching but most of all extremely believable. It is a story of love, heartbreak, forgiveness, grief, friendship, discovery but most of all real honest to goodness love and there is even my favourite in there, friends to lovers. I always find that a love borne out of friendship is always more emotional, more captivating and engaging.

“I’ll miss you every day for the rest of my life. You’re my heart and it’ll go with you. I’ll be here, and I’ll hold your hand, and you focus on me, and when you leave me, you won’t be alone. Don’t be afraid. We won’t be saying good-bye, baby. Just, ‘til later.”

I don’t really want to say too much about the story as it will give it away, and this journey has to be read to be believed. It is one emotional rollercoaster, but personally I felt as if this reflected the authors life somewhat. I don’t know whether an element of this had been experienced personally but it certainly came across that way through their words. They were heart felt and you couldn’t help but be pulled in and enveloped into this amazing story.

“Family. Can’t change ‘em, can’t feed ‘em to the lions. Gotta love ‘em.

Mark Jennings was an amazing character, he worked hard, for no extra benefits as he always worked in non-profit organisations, always something close to his heart. He is tired, stressed and on the edge of a “burnout”. He has personal problems that he needs to contend with, his current job is on the verge of collapse so he decides he needs to do something for himself. He goes and gets a massage! Here he meets Antonio, they become friends. Antonio has his own problems, his ex wife tries to keep him away from his son, he has little to no money and depends on his massage business to pay his child maintenance. Mark and Antonio become firm friends and herein starts a beautiful friendship. These two really help each other through some very trying and emotional times. It is during this period that the value of friendship really shines but you cannot help but feel that there is more to this story.

“If anything happened to you, I needed you to know I’m him. I’m that guy.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant. “What guy, babe?”

He pulled back and looked at me with such tenderness in his eyes. “The guy who would do anything to deserve a man like you.”

This story has to be read to be believed, I cannot describe the emotions I felt whilst reading it. It was truly beautiful.

If you are worried about venturing into this genre, this book would be a great way to start. It doesn’t concentrate of the intimate side of M/M but more the emotional. It has ups and downs as does any relationship but it is honest, it is brilliantly written and was an amazing read. I will certainly be reading more from this genre!!
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