Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Review ~ That Wedding (That Boy 2) by Jillian Dodd

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“To the nights you’ll never remember with the people you’ll never forget.”

That Wedding is the sequel to That Boy, whilst That Boy covered the 22 year life span of Jadyn, Phillip and Danny, this book covers just a few short months of hilarious wedding planning and “That Wedding”. It may be a few short months, but this book is packed, I absolutely loved it, I have laughed so much reading this book. Having not long got married myself I could really associate with Jadyn during this book, I knew her pain, I felt her pain and I lived it with her. She picked the same colour theme as me so we are now officially BFF’s lol.

As with any Jillian Dodd book, there are highs and lows, there is some angst, some misunderstandings, but we all know wedding planning is strenuous, at least I thought so!!

My highlight of the book STD’s, you will know when you get there. I absolutely howled with laughter, in fact I laughed so much, my husband woke up and thought I was being attacked! Jillian, that was pure genius!!

Phillip just gets better and better in this book, before he was always seen as the quiet and reserved one just biding his time until he could unleash, well in this book, he unleashed. We got the smoking hot Phillip and he really changed in my eyes. I loved him even more. I will say that there is no gratuitous sex scenes in this book, it is clean, you have to use your imagination, but the implication is there! Phillip was so understanding with Jadyn, he knew what to do and when to do it and what to say and when, he was her true soul mate, he grounded her and he was absolutely PERFECT! I loved “hiberdating” this is going to be used in the future!! The cold/warm feet analogy, also loved…sigh! Even feet means they are perfect for each other!

“That’s why we are perfect for each other. Mine are always hot. Yours are always cold. You cool mine down. I warm yours up. Together they make the perfect temperature.”

“So I actually do something that helps you?”

“You make me a better man, Princess. That’s why I wanna marry you.”


He pulls me in close and kisses me. “Really.”

Jadyn, well she is just Jadyn, sometimes I could have kicked her and told her to wise up, but I could understand her. I must admit I didn’t agree with some of the things she did and said but she was having a meltdown at the time, so I forgave her. The couples counselling was hilarious, thank god I never had to go through that!

“That I love you. Promise me that no matter what, no matter if we fight, no matter how hopeless things may feel, that you will look at this ring and know that when you love someone, that’s all that really matters. That we’ll always figure it out together.”

Danny, I still love this guy with a passion, his and Jadyn’s tects about a “XXX Wedding” had me howling, his sense of humour just has me cracking up, I still feel there is some underlying sexual tension between these two but neither will act on it. They truly are BFF’s and their friendship is absolutely brilliant. I love that these two still have that connection.

I also think that Jillian has another career lined up as a wedding planner, the attention to detail in this book was AMAZING! If only I had read this a few months earlier I could have so used some of the little things that happened in “That Wedding.” Hell, I could have even hounded her for ideas and inspiration!! The wedding dress shopping had me laughing, the gifts were so well thought out, the venue (sigh!), the vows, I could go on and on, but Jillian put soooo much detail into this that you could picture it!

“This dress looks like something designed by Cinderella, Barbie and Lady Gaga while they were getting high on mushrooms, or crack, or whatever drug makes people hallucinate.”

The pro’s and con’s list….another (sigh!!)

“Two messed up halves that make one perfect whole?”

“Exactly,” he says

Absolutely loved this book, I can’t wait for “That Baby.”

Well done Jillian, another fab, brilliant read.

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