Sunday 22 September 2013

Review ~ Unlocked (The Alpha Group 3) by Maya Cross

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“This isn’t me giving up my life, Sophia,” he said. “This is me beginning it.”

I had been eagerly awaiting the conclusion to Sebastian and Sophia’s story and I was not disappointed! Unlocked is the last in The Alpha Group trilogy and the story picks up straight after the dramatic cliff hanger that we were left with at the end of Lockout. Sophia had been kidnapped and she is locked away, she doesn’t know if anybody realises she is missing especially as her and Sebastian had split up just before! She tries to make the best out of a bad situation but this time in confinement gives her time to think.

During this story, we find out a lot about The Alpha Group and Sebastian’s role within it, you would think that a group as powerful as this would be able to contain any problem that was thrown at it, but alas, no. This is made extremely difficult when it soon becomes apparent that there is a mole in the group and now nobody knows who to trust. The whole group is thrown into disarray and Sebastian and Sophia feel totally alone. Although, this may prove to be a good thing, eventually!

“We’re in this together, Sebastian. Whatever happens.” He stared at me for a full 10 seconds, somehow managing to look touched yet incredibly anxious. Eventually, though, he broke into a sad little smile. “Together it is, then,” he said softly, reaching out to squeeze my hand. And somehow it felt like an incredibly tender moment, instead of an insane suicide pact. Yep, definitely desensitised.

Whilst trying to keep themselves alive Sebastian and Sophia really have time to re-evaluate their relationship, finally we see why Sebastian has been holding back and his reasoning behind his decisions. Will he finally realise that the only person that he can truly trust is sitting right before him and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them together?

“Do you remember what you said to me over dinner, the first time we went out?” I asked eventually. “Nothing worth having comes risk free.’ Well. That’s how I feel now.” I got to my feet and moved over to him, taking his hands in mine. “I’m a big girl. I can make my own decisions. I understand the risks, and I’m telling you I’m okay with them. I love you, Sebastian, and if that’s the price for being with you, then it’s one I’m willing to pay. The question is, are you?”

As always, Maya writes some steaming hot scenes in this book. Sebastian is still Alpha by name and alpha by nature, however, there are not as many scenes in this book as we are used to. This is mainly because this final book centres around the plot of the Alpha Group and they literally do not have time for any of those shenanigans !! As I said before, they are mainly trying to keep themselves alive!

….allowing him to sheathe himself in me all the way to the root. Finally he pulled away, only to bury his head against my neck. “Say it again,” he whispered, teasing me with a slow rocking motion. “I love you,” I breathed. “And I love you,” he replied. And then he was moving in me again, his mouth tracing fire across my collarbone…

We see a whole new side to Sebastian in this book, he is loving, he is extremely protective and he opens up a lot. If you didn’t love the man of mystery before, you sure will now! Sophia, really develops too in this book. She has her back bone, she uses it, she steps up to plate and is literally Sebastian’s right hand woman throughout this book. You can see their relationship getting stronger and stronger and you cannot help but root for them throughout the book. They also have an amazing connection to, not just physically but mentally too. It is this connection that amazingly gets them through some really tricky situations but will they both be standing at the end?

I have loved this series, a mixture of steamy romance, with mystery, danger, twists and turns, ups and down’s and a fabulous plot that will keep you guessing and page turning till the end. This book also has an epilogue, and I am really love them so you will not be disappointed with the end. I cannot wait to see what Maya has in store for us next!

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