Friday 25 October 2013

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Samson’s Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampire) by Tina Folsom

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

Oh, I so enjoyed this book, if you want a sexy, witty book, this is definitely the book for you. This is a great story, fast paced and easy to read in one sitting as you have got to know how it all ends up. It is also a superb love story about a human named Delilah, who is a self-employed Auditor and a self-made multi-millionaire Vampire called Samson.

Samson is a dark haired hunk of a man who at the beginning is having a few problems with his love life, until one night, the night of his birthday in fact, there is a pounding on his door and there stood a very wet and frightened Delilah.

Delilah had just left work and on her way home had been attacked and with the attacker still following her after she had managed to get away, she bangs on the door of the first house she sees begging to be let in for help. Due to a misunderstanding on Samson’s part these two didn’t have the best of starts. Delilah standing there with her long black hair and ample assets on show which would have won a wet t-shirt competition hands down. Samson got the totally wrong idea thinking she was the entertainment for his birthday which his friends tended to supply him with on every such occasion. He grabs her and starts to kiss her and snakes his hands all over her. Totally in shock, Delilah takes this onslaught and for a brief moment actually finds herself responding until her sanity returns.

 “No, let me go.”

Samson, thinking this was all in the game, said back…

“I’m sure Ricky paid you enough and if not, I’m going to tip you generously.”

While this was going on, his friends had let themselves in for the party and were flabbergasted at what they were witnessing.

“What are you doing?” his friend asks him.

“What do you think I am doing? I’m having fun with the stripper you got me for my birthday.”

“Stripper?” Delilah yelled. “I’m not a STRIPPER!”

As I said, not a good start. After it all calms down Samson finds Delilah clean dry clothes and after a chat sends her home by his chauffeur driven car.

The following day he invites her to the theatre as he cannot get Delilah out of his mind and Delilah remembering her responses to his kisses accepts and so it begins (?)

With a few unexpected developments along the way, life threatening in fact, Samson and Delilah get closer, real close in fact. With bedroom and shower scenes to die for …phew!

Samson inhaled her scent and then slowly pushed forward, plunging into her. She moaned loudly, joining his groan. “More” she begged. Samson thrust back into her, deeper than before, and again. Their bodies slamming together, hard, deep. (ooooh)

I have given this book a resounding 5 stars. Thanks Ms Folsom, I cannot wait to start reading all the books in this series, if they are all like this one I just might have to invest in a vibrator (ha ha ha).

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