Friday 4 October 2013

Friday Frights ~ Review ~ Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood 1) by JR Ward

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is the first book of a brilliant series, sexy, erotic and a really good story line. It is about six very sexy vampire warriors, Wrath, Tohrment, Rhage, Phury, Zsadist and Vishous.

This book centres on the leader Wrath and a responsibility he was given by the death of his fellow warrior Darius and what a responsibility she turned out to be. She was Beth, Darius’s daughter, a half breed when he mated with a human.

Unbeknown to Beth she never knew of her father so didn’t realise that she had vampire blood in her. She also didn’t know that she was coming up to her transition when she will turn into a vampire and all that entails and this is where Wrath comes in, he is there for her when this happens.

He has a dislike for all humans but he finds Beth the exception to the rule. He is immediately drawn to her and totally bowled over, and Beth’s reaction to him, well, there stood a 6ft 9” man dressed in, leather, bigger and broader than any man she has ever met before and exuding a rich spicy smell and when she got to look at his face…

“God, he was gorgeous”

…but very scary, but very very sexy and Wrath could not believe that the woman in front of him was the hottest thing he’d ever gotten anywhere near and their first time together was such a deep erotic experience.

“He kissed her softest skin, drawing her core into his mouth and she came over and over again and again for him until he couldn’t fight his need any longer. Heaven, he thought. Now I know what heaven is like.”

This book goes on bringing you into the world of the Brotherhood and the sexy deeply erotic love story of Wrath and Beth.

“Beth do you know what you taste like? just like peaches,” he said stripping off her panties. “And I love peaches,” and he lowered his head again.

Because of everything that has been going on with the Lessers and the Omega their ultimate leader, who are the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s formidable foe, Wrath has to take the throne something he has been avoiding for centuries and become King and his shellan Beth as Queen.

I would love to give more detail about this series but it would seriously give too much away, you need to read it to appreciate what fantastic books these are.

The erotic love scenes Ms Ward I cannot get enough of and I like how you brought our misfit human cop Butch into the story, it’s a fantastic book, I could not put it down. I am now opening book 2 as I can’t wait to see what happens next to all those sexy warriors.

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