Sunday 27 October 2013

Review ~ Rock With Me (With Me in Seattle #4) by Kristen Proby

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

This would have been 5 stars but I felt it needed to be a bit longer…I needed more of Leo and Sam.

I have loved every book in this series…my front runner was Nate, yummy yummy but Leo is not far behind…I loved him in this book. In the last book he was not portrayed very well, Meg was initially in his band but he left her when he made it big..however, this was not exactly true and we find out more in this book. In fact, Meg had been receiving royalties for years for all the songs that they had written together amounting to millions that Meg had been giving away to charity as she felt she did not deserve them.

Sam was also misunderstood, in Come Away with Me she came across as a total and utter b***h, she was Luke’s sister and was not very nice to Natalie. During this book, we get to understand Sam and to some extent you can see why she was like that..although it does not excuse it you can understand why.

Sam does not do relationships, she was hurt in the past so now she just has “f**k buddies”. When she is introduced to Leo she cannot deny that there is this attraction, however knowing about his rep and the fact he is a famous rock star she vows to not even go there!

Leo is on a break from touring and is instantly intrigued by Sam, he calls her “sunshine”. He is a rocker, tattoo’s, piercings and everything inbetween…yummy!!! Is that just his stage persona though??? We know how he looked after Meg in foster care so there is that loveable side to him, he loves to help people and look after them and he feels that Sam needs rescuing..although it does not help that she is as hot as hell and he fancies the panties off her!

He starts running with her in the mornings and this is where he manages to break down the walls a bit and they become friends, eventually they succumb to the mutual attraction and a whole can of whoop ass sexiness is unleashed…and I mean, these scenes are seriously smoking!!! We all know that Kristen Proby can write a brilliant love scene and this book is no exception!

Some quotes to titillate you…

Smexy Leo - “I’ll take you hard, and soft, and every way in between” He grips my face in his hands and looks down at me, his nose touching mine. “I’m going to f**k the shit out of you” Oh God Yes!!!! “and I am going to make love to you until you’re shaking and don’t remember who you are” …..and sigh!

Protective Leo – Luke “You better protect her Nash or I’ll f**king kill you”

Leo “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

There are so many fabulous scenes in this book and the inner and outer dialogue just has you melting…as usual with Kristen Proby I seem to run out of words to describe how I love her books…I just really really do..she can do no wrong! With this series, each book wraps up a relationship from beginning till they are an item and this one is no exception. We still see all the characters that we love throughout this book and that is another thing that I love about this series. Apparently it is Caleb and Brynna up next and if this one is anything to go by it is only going to be hotter and better…I cannot wait!!

“I’ve never in my life felt like this” he murmurs and continues to make love to me. “You are everything I’ve ever wanted Sam. More than music. More than everything”

I love Leo Nash!!

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