Sunday 20 October 2013

Review ~ Searching For Moore (Needing Moore 1) by Julie A Richman

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars 

“Oh Baby Girl,” he sighed, “you have no idea of what you do to me.” “It’s smoochal.”

I loved this book, especially as this book contains some of my favourite storylines, second chance love and older leads. This is Schooner and Mia’s story and what a story it is. I will say Schooner??? When I first read his name, I was like I know that name, it was in the darkest depths of my brain and then it popped!! Why name a kid after a boat?? At least it is different and you will remember him. Although, his name is not the only the thing you will remember him for. Schooner Moore is yummm, he is gorgeous, great physique, looks after himself, owns a chain of health clubs, is loaded has a wife and two kids, so life should be perfect??

Schooner’s life is far from perfect, he has never been the same since he was robbed of his one true love. One minute she was there, the next she was gone. He never did understand why she left, what did he do wrong? Did she ever love him? He ended up getting married to his college girlfriend, the one his parents expected him to be with, everything he had done through school and college had been what was expected. His life felt empty, his marriage was a sham and as he reflects and looks back at his life during a birthday party “her” name is mentioned and then it all comes flooding back…what exactly did I do wrong?

“I have spent my life acting, Mia. I’m good at playing a lot of roles. I’m just not really good at being me.”

Mia, her life has never been the same since she was robbed of her one true love. One minute he was there, the next she had to leave him, she felt betrayed. She never did understand why he did what he did, what did she do wrong? Did he ever love her? Her life felt empty, going from one failed relationship to another, but her heart belonged to someone else…Schooner Moore, why could she not forget him…because he owned her heart, but he never took it, he threw it away.

“I wanted you to be my first.”

Mia was truly brilliant, I loved her from the minute she first appeared on the page. She was vibrant, she was individual, she was just…Mia. You couldn’t help but fall in love with her, she told it how it was, no fleshing, just get it out there. You appreciated that about her, she was an open book, she hid nothing, she was honest. Her one flaw, self confidance…and that was only when she was younger. By the time we see her later on, she has moved on…even more ballsy and even more loveable.

This book covers a huge span of years, from when they are in college to when they meet again in their 40’s. The book does flick from past to present but it gives you an amazing insight into their lives and how they ended up both fearing that the other one didn’t love them when in actual fact they did and still do. It takes a Facebook message to get them reconnected and the rest is history.

“Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?”

I totally and utterly connected with both Mia and Schooner, I loved them together at college and I loved them even more after they were reunited. Circumstances and misunderstandings kept them apart for 20 odd years and now it was up to them to seize the day and take a chance.

“Schooner and Mia did not just look like they belonged together, Schooner and Mia belonged together.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book, a lot of OMG moments that you never see coming, I cried…a lot but I also laughed…a lot. I did feel the book lost some it’s connection when Hollywood names were dropped into the story, I did have a few WTF moments, but by this time I was so entranced by their life that I sort of put it to one side and just carried on with the flow.

The author has a fabulous writing style and I felt as if I had known them for years, you hated the characters you were supposed to and you loved the ones you should. This book was extremely emotional, you felt such a wide range that you felt like you had been on one hellacious rollercoaster by the end. The end…another OMG moment…but don’t panic the next book has just been released.

I could not put this one down, I read it one sitting and was so bereft at the end that I had to message the author. I was that emotionally connected to these characters. I don’t reach out to the author often so that shows how deeply these two affected me. I have loved reading about them and can’t wait to get stuck in to the rest of their story. Julie A Richman, what a fabulous book!

“Christian Louboutin made you cry. So I bought you Jimmy Choo’s.”

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