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Blog Tour ~ Review, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Night Moves (G-Man 3) by Andrea Smith

Book Description:

There's a new Alpha in town… and he's a Brit!

Darcy Nicole Sheridan, is 22 years-old, beautiful, single, spirited, sexy and - spoiled. She knows that about herself. Raised by wealthy (and doting) parents as an only child, Darcy pretty much coasts through life until her heart was inexplicably broken by her boyfriend, Darin.

To ease the pain, Darcy flies to Belize over the holidays fully intending to wallow in self-pity and distance herself from her ex. Her pity party is short-lived however, after observing a very handsome, very intriguing man on the beach. Darcy becomes the focus of the smokin' hot, wealthy and somewhat mysterious 'E.J.'

Soon she finds herself entangled with an alpha like no other… Her world is rocked by a series of events that will forever change the course of her life, showing her what love is all about; and forcing her to come to terms with hidden sexual pleasures only one man could fulfill…

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Our Review: 

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

**ARC received for honest review**

Well, if the cover hasn’t sold you, the story certainly will, all I can say is WOW what an amazing COVER!! Who wouldn’t want to read the contents!!

This story is about Darcy, you may remember her from Love Plus One as she was Lindsey’s roommate at college. Darcy was a bit of a spoilt brat, being an only “miracle” child, her parents catered to her every whim, her father owned his own company which Darcy was aiming to take over once she had finished college. Her life was therefore mapped out for her, the only thing missing was love and after seeing Lindsey and Taz, Darcy was a bit jealous. Darcy was in a relationship with another G-Man called Darin, however, one night she surprises him in more ways than one when she turns up unannounced and he is caught with his pants down, literally. She decides to get away from it all and goes on holiday to Belize, she just needs to forget her crappy life.

Whilst in Belize, Darcy spots EJ a.k.a Easton Matthews. He is 6ft 3, gorgeous, dark, sexy, handsome, but he loves himself, he comes across as cocky and arrogant but is this is all a facade. He is half American/English, talks with a British accent and is a very successful entrepreneur. He is very very sexy!!

“I want to f**k you in the worst way possible. What I don’t want is to be some revenge f**k of yours in order to get back at your cheating boyfriend who you’ll most likely get back with before you land in D.C. I’m not that guy, love. When I f**k you, there’ll be no doubt in your mind as to who you’re with and why you’re with me, understand?”

Yes Easton does take a lot of getting used to, he is in Belize with his personal assistant Lacee, who also turns out to be his f**k buddy, as Easton does not “do” relationships. Turns out he was burned very badly once before and once you hear his back story it all makes sense and you can finally begin to understand the whys.

Whilst in Belize, Darcy also meets Eli, who turns out to be an amazing friend, and an amazing gay BF, I think every girl needs one of these, they always turn out to be the best, the most reliable and dependable and the most honest, Eli turns out to be all of these and I adore him!!

“You’re my brotha from anotha.”

Turns out that Easton is obviously more taken with Darcy than he lets on in Belize and soon his stalkerish tendencies rise to the top and we see a whole different side to Easton. What will happen when Easton tries to not only invade Darcy’s personal life but also her business?

I loved the way that Darcy grew some in this book, it would have been easy for her to capitulate and pull a childish tantrum when things were not going her way with her father’s business, but the way she chose to rise to the top of her own merit said a lot about the woman that she was becoming. Her business ethic was great considering the stresses or “stress” that she was under (in more ways than one!)

“Dudes are just plain freakin’ from another planet; I wasn’t thinking Mars either, more like Ur-Anus!!”

Easton, my little Brit, I knew that he was hiding something and when it all comes out your heart breaks for him, he has had a tough life from the beginning. You would think that with his mothers social standing and wealth he would have had the perfect upbringing, but alas, no. His mother was too caught up in her own world to worry about her son, who she was using as an emotional pawn against his father. Then add malicious and spiteful super models and out pops “this” Easton, can Darcy be the one to tame him and show him that he can love and be loved?

This book does have some kink, not heavy and not gratuitous. As with all Andrea Smith books, you have some smoking hot scenes and I mean smoking!! With a bod like that…well lets just say he puts it to good use and he has piercings!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Easton’s story, I loved catching up with the usual suspects from books 1 and 2 and glad we still had glimpses of Slate and Taz. The title “Night Moves” is pure freakin genius, I love how and where this name originated.

In summary a fab read, Easton is a marmite character, you will either love him or hate him, but please give him the benefit of the doubt and spread him on your toast…make a meal out his story, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!


“He omitted the fact that I looked a lot like the last woman he may actually have truly cared for. I mean, yeah, he told me that I wasn’t anything like Lacee... but what about Bianca friggin’ Templeton? And then he just walks out of my life, expecting me to never have figured it out and call him out on that kind of bullshit? Yeah... fuck that and fuck him. It’s time a woman takes him down a few pegs.”

“Careful, sweetheart.” Eli replied, as he leaned up against my bedroom dresser, “You’re starting to sound like one of those ‘Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned’ girls who sit up in their attic, planning some poor schmuck’s demise.”

I considered that for a good second, looking down at the carpet. “This isn’t about that, Eli.” I finally said. “It’s about being lied to by someone who was clearly using me as a stand-in for...what? Prolong an ended relationship? To use me as some sort of fantasy in bed, so he can fuck ‘the one that got away’?” I looked back over at him.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. And maybe it’s better that we don’t know.” He walked over to me, putting his hands on my shoulders, “I don’t get it. One minute, I could swear you love the guy; the next minute you’ve got this “evil vixen” thing going that I can’t comprehend.”

I couldn’t say anything to that. I didn’t even fully understand why I was reacting the way I was.

Eli pulled away from me, crossing his arms. “A piece of advice, Darce? When it comes fucking someone over... Don’t fuck with someone who knows how to fuck you harder.”

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About the Author: 

Andrea Smith is an Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio. Ms. Smith is the mother of two grown sons; grandmother of four. The 'Baby Series' trilogy is Ms. Smith's first self-published work. Having previously been employed as an executive for a global corporation, Ms. Smith decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her life-long dream of writing fiction.

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