Friday 15 November 2013

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Blood Life Seeker (Kindred 2) by Nicole Claire

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars 

This is the second book of a really great, blinding in fact series, and it is oh so sexy, with great characters and story line.

We have Lucinda Monk or Luce to her friends, a trim 5ft 4in very pretty Vampire Hunter, a Nosferatin and her bonded Nosferatu Michel Durand, Master Vampire and Master of the City of Auckland.

Michael is a very handsome 6ft 2in vampire with long dark hair and hypnotic blue violet eyes. It starts with Luce being pulled into a Dream Walk whilst being in bed asleep and finding herself in Rome with the smell of vampire in the air and out on the hunt. Only in her short nightdress, she goes to investigate, even though she was totally underdressed and unarmed. When getting there she realized it was not any of the young vampires she normally comes across, but an old one, a Master no less. Not good! When confronting him not only does he sense her which hasn’t happened before, but he comes right up to her and touches her, wow! He introduces himself as Gregor and he is on the Vampire Council, the Iunctio, also sooo not good!

After waking up she goes to tell Michel of this meeting with Gregor. Michel informs her, not only is he Iunctio, but is their Enforcer too. OMG! She also finds out that her good friend Rick a Taniwha shape shifter has gone rogue and is going out killing vampires, good or bad, it doesn’t matter to Rick. This is something Luce has got to put a stop to before it gets out of hand.

On another night Gregor manages to pull Luce into another Dream Walk and issues her with a challenge, if she agrees he will help her to get off the vampire hit list., but at what cost? Trouble is, he is so alluring and dangerously so.

“I am enjoying being able to call you to me. I had thought that perhaps the first time was just a mistake, a one off as they say, never to be repeated. But here I am, in my boudoir thinking of you, and what should happen? Your scent permeates my room, Bliss.”

And as he grabs her, the unexpected happens…

With Michel and Luce at odds because of the interference of Gregor, Luce finding out more about herself from fellow Nosferatin and trainer the gorgeous Egyptian Nero, and a war raging around them, this book draws you in and you cannot put it down. A really, really good series, I have already ordered Book 3 Forbidden Drink and I know that I will enjoy it as much as books 1 and 2.

Great series Ms Claire, a real definite 5 star read.

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