Friday 22 November 2013

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Chains of Frost (The Bellum Sisters 1) by TA Grey

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

I have read this whole, brilliant, very sexy, erotic series and if you haven’t, you are in for a feast of a treat. The books are about each sister and their stories, and boy what verrrrryyyy interesting and highly enjoyable lives they are…oh WOW!

This first book sets the scene. The Bellum Sisters have just had a huge shock, their father has just died. In the will that he has left, they learn that he has arranged for Protectors for all of them.

Chloe has been given to Tyrian en Kulev, a vampire and also the leader of the demon slayers. Her fraternal twin Willow has been given to the Alpha Lyouis Keelan, head Alpha leader of the shapeshifters and lastly the youngest sister Lily has been given to Telal Demuzi a Demon. This is to happen when they reach their 29th birthday and for Chloe and Willow this is to happen very soon, because you see, the girls are succubi and on reaching 29, they don’t need food to survive, they just need sex! Whoa!

Upset about what their father has done, they decide to cast a spell to keep the men away from them and that is when the fun begins. They have let something loose and it wants Chloe.

This first book is about Chloe and Tyrian, their relationship did not quite start out on the right foot. Tyrian had sent out warriors to transport Chloe to his castle in Norway and when they finally tracked her down they brought her back clad in only a small towel. Disorientated Chloe’s first glimpse of Tyrian was a tall muscled man with long dark hair, tied back and icy blue eyes, he had a deep scar on his face which did nothing to distract you from his handsome face, but he was very intimidating. It seemed he was just as anxious not to be the one to help her and she was to go to his closest guards to get the relief that she would be needing soon…Ouch! Looking at him, Chloe couldn’t help herself being attracted to him and just maybe he wasn’t so indifferent to her, and then it struck!

“Panting, Chloe arched her back off the bed as a blinding energy pulsed inside her. Pants turned into a long drawn out moan, and liquid heat pooled between her legs, as her breasts pulled tight and heavy.”

She had to get to someone and it had to be Tyrian. She finally gets to beat down that cold reserve of his.

“This once I will do this, but never again. After this time, you will seek another partner. I will not be here to feed your new sexual appetite for the rest of your life. I will do this as quickly as possible, not to entertain your growth into womanhood.”

And for a first time for Chloe, maybe not so sexual but it still felt pretty good mmmmm, but then Tyrian was back to his usual cold intimidating self. She vowed then to herself she will have him again, until he gave her his all and Tyrian was not as unaffected as he had portrayed to Chloe and the second time it happened, it was so much better between them, boy it was soooo good!

“He took her like that, building intense, consuming pleasure inside her. A sound somewhere between a growl and purr came from deep in his throat, vibrated along her skin. “Come for me, Tyrian.” She begged. His hands curled into a bruising grip at her hips. And now she finally knew what it felt like. She felt the burning hot streams shooting inside her. His cock thickened, filled her so full. It made her hips jerk, his breath catch, and her body want to do it all over again.”

But as usual, he was back to his cold self, but still Chloe’s heart was really starting to like this vampire.

I won’t say no more but to urge you to read this book. There is the evil the girls have conjured up to contend with and also Willow meeting her Alpha for the first time. Oh yes, a really good read. Ms Grey you’ve done it again, such a fabulous series and I am already into reading your other books, a definite 5 star all round.

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