Friday 1 November 2013

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

I just loved this book. It is sexy, erotic and made me laugh, especially with Blu’s antics and her fashion statements.

Our Blu is a rare werewolf female, because of an abusive and cruel father, Amadus she has turned herself into a very smart person and has a very smart mouth to go with it. But, you have just got to love her, undeniably though she is also one very lovely female.

The council of all supernatural species has decided that a marriage between the Werewolves and the Vampire Clans would help to forge peace between these two warring nations. Our Vampire, Creed, is a very rich and handsome vampire Lord, elder and leader of the Nova tribe who has agreed to the arranged marriage to Blu. With both of them going into this marriage with preconceived ideas you could say it was very bumpy to begin with, but when Creed first glimpsed his bride coming up the aisle to him some of those ideas went straight out the door.

“She is gorgeous.

Her body is killer.

And those lips and eyes!

Not to mention the breasts he could suckle at for hours.

But whats with the hair?”

It was done.

Marriage contract signed.

Getting to know each other in Creeds mansion is interesting to say the least but Creed couldn’t help himself, by god, she was spectacular.

“Before last night he’d thought it impossible to consider kissing a werewolf, let alone get a hard-on from looking at her body. Yet right now he sported some serious wood from the visuals she broadcast. What was wrong with him?”

And Blu is wondering to herself that it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of flirting with her husband, could be interesting, but could she resist him? He was definitely good to look at hmmm. But they do get together eventually and by god do they just.

“Tonight he would tame the wolf. “Yes,” she gasped. “Harder,” stroking the inner shaft of her clit that controlled her pleasure. The heat of her drove him mad. She wanted so desperately. She needed. And her lack of fear, of discretion enamoured him. “Faster, please.” “Right there, Oh my god.”

But as with every relationship, there are always the ones against it. An ex fiancé of Blu’s causes trouble and on the other side the Vampires are not happy with the marriage. Life is getting very difficult for Blu and Creed. Betrayal and sacrifice all in the name of peace. With their growing love and trust for each other, can they survive?

Ms Hauf, a really great and enjoyable read, I really loved Blu. I will certainly look out for more books of yours, you have made me a big fan.

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