Friday 14 February 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood 4) by JR Ward

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

Prophesy – There shall be one to bring the end before the master, a fighter of modern time found in the seventh of the twenty-first and he shall be known in the numbers he bears: One more than the compass he apperceives, though mere four points to make at his right. Three lives has he. Two scores on his fore and with a single black eye, in one well he be birthed and die.

Book four in this superb, super sexy series is about our intrepid cop Butch who came to live with the Brotherhood. With a firm friend in Vishous, the vampire warrior, he is accepted like a brother to these so brave and sexy warriors, doing his bit against the Lesser.

If you have read the previous books you would have come across Marissa whom Butch had met at the Brotherhood compound. He could not help being drawn to this beautiful vampire, petite in size with long blonde hair.

These two are so star-crossed with outside interference trying to keep them apart, but finally they do get together. From a very slow start as Butch finds himself with a very naïve virgin on his hands. Butch introduces her to her first orgasm through gentle and tender love making.

“I didn’t know…it would be like that.”

“Did you like that?”

Her smile was enough to make him forget his own name.

“Oh yes,” she replied.

As Marissa drifts off to sleep in his arms he thinks to himself…

“Butch O’Neal, you have found your woman.”

But Butch has a serious problem which makes him push Marissa away after their beautiful evening that they had. So Marissa leaves Butch but then finds out she has problems of her own with the family. Nothing is easy.

All the while Butch is doing everything possible to be with Marissa. To get the evil out of him the Brotherhood does a life threatening procedure. The night before, Butch and Marissa spend their time making sensual love as they did not know if Butch would be alive the next day.

“Don’t think about it,” he whispered against her mouth. “Stay with me in the moment. Stay right here with me.”

Thank god Butch comes out bigger and stronger and more demanding of his Marissa and Marissa gives back everything he gives her.

“Take me. Make me your female.” He penetrated her so deep, stretched her so wide, he felt like she gloved every inch of him. As she cried out and sank her nails into his ass, he went for it hard and fast.”

Now Butch is a brother with a new name, Dhestroyer, ready to fight the war with the Lessers and the Omega, their ultimate leader.

And as the Scribe Virgin says

“The war has just begun.”

Again Ms Ward, you have done it again, this was a tender and strong and also so sexy and erotic, enough to leave a tingle all over me. Loved it, bring on book 5.

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