Monday 24 February 2014

Review ~ OUT TODAY ~ Donners of the Dead by Karina Halle

**ARC Recieved for honest review**

Reviewed by Willow ~ 4.5 Stars

As you know I am a massive Karina Halle fan so was excited as always when I heard she had another book coming out, but I'll be upfront, I was really worried it wasn't going to be for me. But not because of the horror aspect, because it's set in the 1850's. I don't tend to read books that are set in the past, so I did start to read this book with trepidation that I might not enjoy it as much as her other books. 

I was wrong.

Karina just has a way with words that captures your imagination and after reading the first chapter my fear had completely been forgotten, I was sucked in deep. I said I would just read for half an hour, but two hours whizzed by in the blink of an eye. Something about this book felt raw and gritty and I wanted more of it.

The story is about Eve, a young half Native girl who lives with her Uncle on his farm. Her father, a native, was the best tracker around the little settlement of River Bend. But with him missing, when five strangers roll in looking for a local tracker, it's Eve's name on everyone's lips. With her Uncle striking a deal with the strangers, Eve sets off with her friend, Avery and a female escort Donna. Their mission ~ to find out what had happened to George Clark, a family member of one of the strangers. He had set out for the Donner Party trail and never returned.

"Jake was in the Texas Rangers with me. We fought Monterey together. He's the best shot I've ever met, the best horsemam, and -if you believe the rumours- has killed a bear or two with only a pocket knife."

Jake McGraw, one of the five strangers, did not appear to like Eve. He is cold towards her and hardly speaks. Eve does not care much for him either and tries to keep out of his way but with her being the tracker, she has to be up front with him and not with her companions. As Eve spends time with these strangers and listens to their story of why they are out here searching, she starts to doubt their tale. She's doesn't have time to worry about it though when it soon becomes clear that they are not out there alone.

They are being stalked by something or someone.

With stories of the Donner Party turning towards Cannibalism to fight to stay alive during the harsh winter they were stranded in these parts, and then Eve's party finding bones, Eve worries what's out there? Man or Monster?

 With the party being picked off one by one, Eve must look towards Jake to stay alive. As the two spend more time together fighting to survive, they start to become closer. But will they get out with their lives?

This book had me teetering on the edge of my seat the whole way through. It felt edgy and original and nothing like I had read before. Karina has an amazing, dark and scary imagination and a brilliant talent of getting this imagination into words to make the reader forget where they are, forget time and feel the horror her characters feel. 

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