Thursday 13 February 2014

Vote Keatyn in the Sweetheart Smackdown!

Keatyn is 17 years old, has blonde hair and blueish almost purple eyes. Her journey begins in Stalk Me, the first of the series The Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd where she realizes the things she dreamed about such as being popular, dating the hottest guy and living the ultimate high school dream is no longer what she wants. Keatyn is determined to change herself and grow into the person she truly wants to be.
Keatyn makes the series fun because of her personality and humor because she always seems to say the funniest things. She's got a romantic soul, dreams of fairytale love and writes scripts for all the moments in her life that she wants to be perfect - the perfect date or the perfect kiss. But we all know that life isn't perfect. Keatyn's bravery and ability to act like everything is okay when inside she's falling apart is a HUGE Sweetheart quality. Keatyn is strong and yet still very vulnerable. She’s very independent but through her growth in the series, she shows us that she is capable of allowing others to help her out. Check out our video to learn more about this Sweetheart of a heroine.  

If you know Keatyn already, please vote and share the competition with your friends and family. If you’re just meeting Keatyn, we appreciate your consideration of her Sweetheart qualities and your vote.
The Sweetheart of the Smackdown IS Keatyn Douglas Monroe.


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