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Blog Tour ~ Review, Giveaway & Sneak Peak link ~ Under the Orange Moon by Adrienne Frances

Adrienne Frances and Bandit Publishing are excited to share with you the RELEASE of “Under the Orange Moon” by Adrienne Frances.
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Genre: New Adult/Contemporary/Romance

Book Description:

Dylan Mathews grew up in a house that was always filled with good-looking guys. However, with four protective older brothers they never stood a chance.
Except for one.
Dylan knew she loved Ben McKenna from the first time she laid eyes on him. When he started sneaking in her room, she thought he felt the same way. But just as their passion ignited, he left for college and never came back. Until now.
Returning home after 5 years, Ben realizes Dylan has always been the one for him. Can he win back her heart and finally find love under the orange moon?
Our Review:
**ARC Received for Honest Review**
Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

"Boys are stupid," she recalled him saying. "They never know a good thing until they've run it over a few times."

Wow, where to start with this one?? This book, whilst being a beautiful love story also makes you think and I love books that make you think. The heroine, Dylan, has the perfect family; they are extremely loving, extremely protective of each other and are always there for each other. Ben on the other hand has had quite the opposite upbringing. His Dad, a highly successful lawyer, separated from his mum, leaving behind a deeply heartbroken woman, seeking solace in pills and alcohol she has never been able to live any kind of life since he left. This left Ben to pick up the pieces and basically bring himself up. His mother showing him little to no affection as Ben was most certainly his father’s son and unfortunately looked so much like him. Just looking at Ben made her think of the husband she lost and unfortunately destroyed any bond they once had. Luckily Ben was childhood friends with all the Matthews children though, he was like an adopted son and brother to them all and they always made him feel welcome and where he was lacking in love and guidance, the Matthews gave it to him in spades.

I must admit, I did find it hard to accept that a mother would do that to her one and only child, I appreciate it does happen, but it made it hard to read. My heart literally broke for Ben when you finally understood the family dynamic he had, especially with his mother. The total bitterness and resentment she had towards him was unfathomable and I truly felt for him and could understand why he had little to no patience for her.

Dylan on the other hand, was the silent, beautiful, extremely gifted artist. Being the only girl of the siblings and the youngest she had protection from all sides. She had always loved Ben and as it turned out Ben had always loved Dylan. At night, Ben would sneak into her room and they would talk and sleep, a boy of very few words, but it was in these one on one moments that you actually got to see the real Ben. The brothers saw the cocky, arrogant player, but Dylan always got to see his soft side. This did bring back memories of another book I have read but it was by no means the main plot line.

“I know you better than anyone, Dylan. I don’t have to live here to prove that.”

The lack of love between his parents and his less than ideal upbringing gave Ben an inferiority complex when it came to Dylan. Even though he loved her he felt that he did not deserve her and his internal ramblings also made my heart break. He tried to take the first step before going to uni to do his law degree but he held himself back in fear of recriminations from his second family, he didn’t want to run the risk of upsetting them, when in his mind, he didn’t deserve and he certainly wasn’t good enough for Dylan.

Eventually their paths cross again and we are left with the conundrum of are either of them going to be strong enough to fight the connection they have between them or will they finally give in and give their relationship a chance?

I loved this book, hard! It was beautifully written, deep, meaningful and extremely emotive. I connected and fell in love with these characters. I never had a fear that Ben wasn’t good enough, behind the façade you saw the true person he was underneath and his love for and his connection to Dylan never wavered and I was just rooting for him to get the nerve and finally believe in himself and take that chance. Yes there we times he was a complete jerk and I wanted to jump into the kindle and give him a slap, but you could always see the reasons why and it always came back to this stupid inferiority complex he had. I could have throttled his parents.

“Just know that you are worthy of what you want and what I someday hope that you are man enough to have.” – Carl Matthews (Dylan’s dad)

“Be the man that won’t let anyone else’s demons get in the way of what he wants and what he knows to be right.” – Carl Matthews

This book will have you running the gamut of emotions, but as I said it is a story that makes you think. Being a mother it makes you realise how your own family life sculptures that of your children, how what you do and what you say has an inherent effect on them and if not ideal how it can also determine their future. It is a story of love, resentment, forgiveness and learning to shape your own future and not to dwell on the past. It is a story of how a selfless woman manages to finally break through those walls and make a man believe in himself again, he is good enough, he is who she wants and all she has ever wanted. These two were truly soul mates and it is now up to them to shape their forever.

A fab read from another debut author, this one I will certainly be watching and waiting for that next release.
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About the Author:
Adrienne Frances spends her time as a writing consultant at a university near her home. In her spare time, she loves to be with her husband and two sons, who have made her exactly who she is today. Writing is a passion that she has appreciated for as long as she can remember. She believes that a wild imagination is a terrible thing to waste and should be captured and brought to life by all that are blessed to have one. This way of life is what led her to become a writer and later an author under Bandit Publishing. Her first celebrated novel, Under the Orange Moon, is set to release in March.
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