Friday 7 March 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR reviews ~ Blood Shadows (Blackthorn 1) by Lindsay J Pryor

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

This book is exceptional for a first in the series, I could not put it down, I just had to read it all in one go. With humans, vampires and the odd werewolf, this was really fast paced, with an enjoyable plot and a hot romance, what more could a reader want.

You have a human woman called Caitlin Parish, she had brown eyes and shoulder length sandy brown hair, who although quite young is a leading shadow reader and tracker in the Vampire Control Unit. Caitlin has been in pursuit of our other main character Kane Mallory who is one very sexy vampire with navy blue eyes and dark cropped hair, he is 6ft tall and very handsome with extremely sensual, kissable lips mmmmm.

Although Caitlin is trying to bring Kane to justice she cannot help being very attracted to this mesmerising master vampire. Through all the years she has been putting a dossier together, his photograph draws her every time. The story begins with Caitlin finally getting her chance to arrest Kane, only she goes against her orders and goes after him alone and when she catches up with him it doesn’t quite go to plan, in fact she is suspended, but she does get a chance to interview him whilst giving him his release papers to sign, but once again that doesn’t go to plan, she finds herself flat on her back on the table and Kane hovering over her…

“Heat consumed her body as their lips almost touched.

“Fight it all you want, Caitlin. But you’re no match for me. And by the time I’ve finished with you, I won’t need to seduce your soul out of that impenetrable astral body – you’re going to give it to me willingly.”

And what she always thought about the deaths of her parents Kane confirmed for her and that it was coming for her too.

After Kane is released and seeing his interest in Caitlin her ultimate boss Xavier Carter asks Caitlin to go undercover to get Kane much to her boss Max’s dismay, not only is Max her boss but also her step-father and he tries to dissuade Caitlin, but she does agree to do it. After going home she gets an unwanted visit from her ex Rob which she gets rid of, but also gets an unexpected visitor whilst she is asleep and when she wakes up she finds herself in a totally different place and a very sexy Kane in front of her in a very short towel (nice!) which leads to…

“He held her jaw still as his mouth met hers. He gently prised her lips apart with his, caressing those soft, warm lips, exploring her teeth and tongue slowly coaxingly with his.”

Needless to say the story gets very interesting from here on. With the two of them having to battle a common evil and Caitlin getting heart breaking revelations and also what is happening behind the scenes at the V.C.U does not stop the hot romance blossoming between Kane and Caitlin, thank goodness.

This book is a really great read and the second book, Blood Roses is also another un-put-down-able book. I cannot wait for book three to be released. This is a really great series Ms Pryor, a very worthy 5 stars!!

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