Friday 28 March 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Guildhall Guardians (Thamesian 1) by Aidan Ladsow

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

This is a story about a 24 year old Italian art graduate who has left her home in Italy and has come to work in the UK. Whilst on her daily travels back and fro from work she stumbles across the Guildhall with its medieval houses, graveyard and picturesque local public house. Her name is Ms Gioia Di Terzi, a petite fair haired girl with a terrible curiosity which will lead her to a few adventures which this girl will thrive on.

One day while passing the Guildhall she noticed that it was opened to the public and she couldn't help herself but to pop in with her curiosity being piqued she started to explore and that's where she first came across the guardian of the Guildhall. She didn't actually come face to face with him until they met in the local pub and he introduced himself as Roydon Thamesian, a tall very good looking man and when talking to him all Gioia thought was Wow!!

Roydon himself, after meeting Gioia couldn't help being intrigued with the petite fair haired Italian girl and couldn't help but to invite her to a private viewing of the art that is held at the Guildhall and while they were going around the gallery the air between them sizzled. Roydon couldn't help being attracted to Gioia he thought her a beautiful temptation which after a unexpected journey they took together left Gioia wondering who and what Roydon was but it didn't deter her from enjoying a kiss they shared.

This kiss had me intoxicated by its softness.
"What was that?" I asked, completely entranced.
"Well Ms Di Terzi," he said, his fingers lost in my hair stroking my scalp so gently I felt tingles of arousal,
"I had to kiss your mouth shut."

And that's when he told her he had been the guardian of the Guildhall for seven centuries whoa!

This did not put Gioia off as the attraction they shared was growing stronger, and when they were at a nightclub they shared a very hot hot dance.
Roydons mouth scraped mine and the kiss exploded as he pressed on the nape of my neck and groaned into my mouth.

It was hot and dirty, my legs parted and acted on their own, wrapping around his strong thighs.

With everything going wrong for the Guildhall, Roydon and Gioia had to put things right, with so much at stake, and their attraction hopefully they will withstand everything they have to face.

Ms Ladsow I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I think Gioia is one very quirky girl who makes this story especially what goes through her head which makes you wonder what she will come out with next. I will look forward to reading more about Ms Di Terzi.

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