Sunday 30 March 2014

Review ~ Carnage (Carnage 1) by Lesley Jones

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“You Gia are a flirt, but one day, one day it will be our turn. Our time.”

Wow, this is one of those books that when you get to the end you think “what the hell have I just read?” My curiosity had been piqued with this one as a few friends had said this is a must read. Well, while I did have a few issues that meant I couldn’t give it that extra star, this was a fab read that I thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t put down, in fact it meant another sleepless night as I had to finish it in one go. It was a highly addictive read for me. I love young love and with this book you couldn’t get any younger, these two were destined for each other from a very young age. This book also spans decades so you really feel them evolving as a couple and go through all their trials and tribulations with them. Also, have I mentioned that Carnage is a band? Yes, Sean is a rock star too!

George/Georgia/Gia, she has quite a few names, she was hanging upside down with her friend on the monkey bars, flashing their knickers, and her brother brings home his best friend Sean…

“Georgia Rae Layton, I’ve loved you since the very first day I set eyes on you and your pink polka dot knickers.”

Gia was 11 and Sean was 13 and the rest is history…

It took them a while to get together, Georgia being 14 and Sean 16, he was worried her brothers and her father wouldn’t like their relationship, especially as he was like their adopted son. It was clear to all around them though that it would eventually happen and it took a nudge from the brothers for Sean to finally declare them “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Once the first step was taken there was no looking back for this couple. Gia was from a wealthy family, not entirely all legitimate businesses but as a family unit they were extremely tight. Georgia, being the only girl was extremely well loved and extremely well protected. The young boys had formed a band, Sean being the lead singer and they would spend hours upon hours practicing at Georgia’s family home. They did the pubs and clubs and were eventually noticed and signed. This is where their problems ultimately begin.

“…from the very first day I set eyes on you, I’ve known you were my one true love, you own my heart, my mind, my body and soul and I will love you till I die.”

With fame and fortune, comes groupies and hangers on and Sean does fall foul of all the tricks of the trade. They do have quite a lengthy separation which leaves them emotionally distraught, especially Georgia. She goes into a deep depression and it takes nearly 4 years before she finally puts herself out there again. It is during this time that we meet Cam. Cam was an entrepreneur; again not entirely all legitimate (what is it with these Essex boys?) He owned clubs etc. and it is here that he meets Georgia for the first time.

I must say, I totally and utterly adored Cam, I thought that they were perfect for each other, but with the love that Gia and Sean had you knew that if he ever came back on the scene that she would always choose Sean. I do believe that you can love two people at once, but Sean was her soul mate, after all they did have that extra bond that only really happens once in a life time. I was totally and utterly torn. Cam was knows as Mr TDH (tall, dark and handsome) and that he was, he also had his own issues, but he was a tad alpha, super sexy and totally and utterly adorable, even down to Georgia’s pet name of Kitten.

“Are you ready for this Kitten? Coz I’m about to spin your world off its axis.”

This is an emotional book, I did have tears, quite a few times in fact, but it is also an extremely beautiful tale of young love and second chance love. This book will have you reeling, you will experience a plethora of emotions ranging from happy, sad, full on heart break and extreme happiness, you will laugh and you will cry, but what an experience.

This was also a trip down memory lane for me; the book is set in Essex, in the UK and is also set in the 80’s when they were growing up. This was my generation. Gia’s sense of humour and sharp wit had me laughing and smiling and you couldn’t help but love her. I often felt myself reminiscing as I was reading about them when they were young. This book is also heavy on the slang so may be confusing for some in places but it is easy to understand.

This book is a bit slow in places, especially the beginning when the ground work and foundations are being laid, but please; give the book a chance as it is well worth it once it gets going. I did feel that there were a few errors littered throughout the book, whilst this is not a problem for me, it may be to others. There is a small element of cheating in this book, it is very small and the plot doesn’t centre around it, but I also know that is a no-no for some readers. If you can see past those though, I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy this epic journey through life from these two young lovers.

The author also says that this is a stand-alone; however I do feel that this story is far from over and I too would be one of the people demanding a follow up. I believe the author has bowed to the pressure and is continuing with this story though, so I for one will be keeping my eyes peeled and downloading it as soon as it is released. 

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