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Fallen Crest Series by Tijan ~ Interview with Sam, Mason, Logan and Analise

Did you know Fallen Crest High has a new Cover?
Check it out!
To celebrate the new cover Tijan invited some blogs to do some interviews!
It is with great excitement that we welcome Sam, Mason, Logan and Analise from the Fallen Crest series by the super talented Tijan. When Tijan said the floor was open for some intense and probing questions The Romance Cover jumped at the chance to ask some nitty gritties. So without further ado, let’s give them a huge Romance Cover welcome!
 Mason and Sam walk in first, holding hands (ahhhh) closely followed by Logan and then Analise totters in, dressed to the nines. Air kisses from Analise (yuck, wipes face!)
TRC: Welcome to you all, this is so exciting and we are so grateful that you chose our blog for a visit. Donna is a huge Fallen Crest fan and has some rather interesting questions to put to you guys, are you ready?
SMLA:   Yeahhh (sheepishly!)
Logan:    Bring it on girls!
TRC: So our first round of questions are to Analise, it seems we all want to know more about you
How do you think your relationship with Sam is perceived by outsiders?
Analise: "I think my relationship is perceived by outsiders negatively. Before Mason came into her life, things were wonderful between us. It's really all because of him.  If he had stayed away from my daughter, we could've worked on our relationship. I know things would've been better, much better."
(Eye roll from Sam, Mason and Logan)
TRC: What do you think of your parenting skills?
Analise: “Oh, every parent has hard days and good days. I don't think I'm any worse than anyone else. I'm sure you've had arguments with your children too.”
(More eye rolls!)
TRC: What did you honestly think initially about Mason’s relationship with Sam?
Analise: “Well, like I said, I don't think he's helped me at all with her. My poor Samantha. She's so troubled with Garrett never claiming her as his child and with David leaving her. If those two had both been stable influences, I think she'd be much better off. I don't think she would've even been attracted to Mason in the first place. She's very smart. She would've seen through him.”
(Sam and Mason both say in unison “You’ve got to be kidding me!”)
TRC: So Analise, with James, love or money?
Analise: "I love James with all my heart." She smiles and doesn't answer the rest.
Analise: “Is that me done? James has given me his AMEX and has told me to spend loads of money to get over this traumatic interview.”
TRC: “Yes Analise, you are free to go, I am sure the others will appreciate your need to spend!”
TRC: So Logan, are you ready?
Logan:  “Ladies, I was born ready…bring it on!”
TRC:  Why did you not make the first move on Sam when it was obvious that you had feelings for her?
Logan:  He leans back in his chair. "What the fuck? Mason and Sam are together. Why's everyone asking me about this stuff? And for the record, Mason was into Sam from the beginning." He snorts and rolls his eyes. "I don't know why people don't get that."
TRC: Do you resent Mason’s relationship with Sam?
Logan: He frowns. "No, why would I?"
TRC: Do you think you will ever be open to love again as we would all like to see you settled?
Logan: "I'm sure." He shrugs. "With the right girl, not all of them are bad."
TRC: How would you best describe Mason?
Logan: He's a good brother, loyal, a tough son of a bitch.
TRC: Thanks Logan, stay put though, as we have some quick fire questions later!
Logan: I wouldn’t move for the world, after those questions I want to see what these two have to answer!

TRC: So Mason, you’re up next!
Mason: Like my little bro said, bring it on ladies! (He winks!)
TRC: With Sam, is it love or lust?
Mason: He laughs a little and shakes his head. "I've never said I love you to a girl before, but people still don't believe me."
TRC:  Any residual feelings for Marissa?
Mason: Feelings for Marissa? She was a friend that I haven't talked to in a while.
TRC: How would you best describe Logan?
Mason: “Smartass, loyal, son of a bitch. (He grins.)
TRC: Will you miss Sam when you are at college and what are you plans for keeping the flame burning?
Mason:  Of course, I'll miss her. I've lived with her for a year and a half and I love her. If I didn't, something's wrong." He doesn't answer the second question.
TRC: Thanks Mason
Mason: You’re welcome ladies, but what is it with this Marissa shit! (Shakes his head)
TRC: So Sam, are you ready?
Sam: Yes (smiles sheepishly) but I am worried now…
TRC: No need to worry, we’ll be gentle…
Honestly, have you ever had feelings, other than “brotherly” feelings towards Logan?
Sam: She takes a deep breath and her lips flatten. "Logan is family. That's all I'm saying."
TRC: Do you see Mason as your “forever” love?
Sam:  She nods. "Yes." There's no flinching. She stares right into the interviewer's gaze.
TRC: Feelings on Marissa going to same college as Mason?
Sam:  She hesitates, looks down at her lap, and then lets out a small sigh. "I think Marissa was someone who was different than all the ugliness in Mason's life at that time and I think he gravitated towards her because of it. Um, my feelings on her being there with him... I think it might be good if he can resolve some of his regret that he still has over her, that might be good then." She pauses. "For him."
TRC:  How do you feel you and your mom’s relationship has impacted you as a person?
Sam:  She laughs. "Oh, I'm probably screwed up for life because of her, thank god for Mason, Logan, and Malinda." 
TRC: Thanks Sam
Sam: Phew, thank god that is over (wipes hands on jeans)
TRC: So guys, quick fire round, are you ready…
SML: Of course…bring it on, can’t be any worse than the other questions (they all chuckle)
1. Favourite song?  
Logan laughs. "I'm Sexy and I know it, that one song."
2. Favourite movie?                       
"Rudy," Logan says first.
3. Hard/fast or soft/gentle?       
"Both!" Again. Logan.
4. Best friend?                                  
Logan nods to his side. "These two idiots." Sam and Mason laugh. They both nod.
5. Nickname?                                    
Logan starts to reply, Mason cuts him off. "The new one is son of a bitch."
6. Favourite drink?                         
"Beer." Sam frowns. "Water."
7. Your best qualities?                   
"Besides our glorious genes?"
8. Soulmate?                           
Logan pretends to puke. Mason and Samantha remain quiet, but share a small smile.
9. Desires?                                         
"Besides sex?"
10. Favourite position?                 
"Anyway I like it." Logan lifts a fist in the air. "Score."
TRC: Well, thanks guys for being so honest and candid (they smile), it has been a pleasure having you and thanks for taking the time out to answer a few questions for us.
Sam: You’re welcome, it is great to be doing this tour of the blogs, and we have had a lot of fun even if the questions have been a bit…
Mason & Logan: Well ladies, it has been a pleasure… (Lots of cheek kissing) Come on Sam, we have got to get out of here; we need a beer or ten!
TRC: Well, have fun guys and we can’t wait to catch up again with soon, can’t wait for the next instalment!
SML: She who must be obeyed is working on it, so keep your eyes peeled!
TRC: Yay! Can’t wait, once again guys, thanks and have fun
SML: We do, always!
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  1. Wth? Another Team Mason site? Whatever happened to pleasing both sides? Based on Logan's pov from FCH (which I might add wasn't in the actual book but was written and posted later by Tijan on her site), Logan knew he was in love with Sam even before Mason realized he fell for her too.