Friday 18 April 2014

Friday Frights ~ A Dangerous Hunger (The Sentinel Demons 2) by J.S.Scott

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

This is Book 2 in this very, hot erotic series.

Dr Talia Maris is a doctor of Ancient History and being a bit of a recluse she feels a bit sensitive with her homely looks and her height being tall for a woman, so she has taken herself to work from home; her only companion her beloved cat Pumpkin.

While doing her research it comes to the notice of the Sentinel Demons and Drew Winston, an Irish demon billionaire with good looks to match. He was sent to speak to Talia about stopping her research, but she seemed to be very good at avoiding him until he made a desperate decision of catnapping Pumpkin and Drew hates cat’s lol. At last Talia, a very angry Talia at that finally faces Drew and she was spitting mad at him for taking her beloved cat.

While Drew was facing Talia he was dumbstruck by the realization that Talia was his Radiant, his mate. He had to calm her down while explaining to her that her research must be destroyed as the human world must not find out that Demons was in fact living amongst them. Talia explains to Drew that she feels under a compulsion to do the research and she doesn't know why, and then she stops and tells Drew that Evils were outside her house.

She was a sensitive and could feel paranormals when they were close, so quickly Drew teleports them both back to his home, and while there he explains to her that she is his mate. Telling her of feelings of love this brings and his protection always, and would she let him show her. It finally hit home to Talia that all her years of loneliness, her being the odd one out was going to be a thing of the past if she could only open up to this gorgeous man standing in front of her, and when he took her in his arms and started kissing her she had feelings come alive in her that she thought she would never experience.

“As she let herself become lost in Drew, his tongue explored her mouth like he had to touch and possess every inch of it. His rough claiming left her moaning against his lips and desperate for more.

This is longing. This is what it feels like when a man truly wants a woman.”

While at Drew’s house his brothers Zach and Hunter come and Drew introduced Talia to them Talia realizes that she had met Hunter many years ago when he saved her from a demon and had put her under his protection. For the first time in Talia’s life she felt cherished and had gained a family.

A serious development occurred which put Drew in serious danger and while this was happening Talia was experiencing everything Drew was going through because of the bond they shared which could kill her until the King Kristoff stepped in and put her to sleep.

Through outside intervention Drew manages to come home and when Talia awoke to find Drew beside her, she couldn't deny her feelings for him anymore and that was when the real lovemaking began.

"You are the most desirable woman on the planet. You're it for me." He took her mouth as his hips flexed, pulling back until he was almost out of her and driving back in with a forceful thrust. "I’ve never known this kind of hunger until I met you. I crave you, Talia. And fucking you is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done.

The Evils were getting stronger and Drew and Talia find themselves in real danger, and the clock was ticking to beat the Elder Evils, but Drew and Talia’s love is strong and unexpected news that Talia has finally found her father.

Ms Scott I really loved this book. I had to read it after reading the 1st book in the series A Dangerous Bargain which is also a great book. I hope we will see more of the brothers in future books.

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