Friday 23 May 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Dark Illusions: The Beginning by Ariana Browning

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is the first book of an amazing series. I have read all three books and I seriously encourage you to do the same.

In this first book it introduces you to Kat, one of the main characters and the Awakened, a superior breed of Vampire which is split into different clans.

Kat has come to the notice of the leader of the Raaka clan, and promptly gets kidnapped by him, but luckily she manages to escape after being brutally treated and finds herself underground. She meets another vampire, Kober who is totally different to the vampires she has encountered so far, especially Cyrus the Raaka leader.

Kober befriends Kat and introduces her to Julian the Prince of the vampires and leader of the city. Who tells her that she is welcomed to stay at his castle so that he can protect her. From the first time of their meeting each other, both of them felt an attraction between them, but Julian knows it’s so wrong what with Kat being a human.

Kat not really understanding the danger she was in, leaves the castle to go home and promptly gets taken again and this is where her story begins. You have the Raaka determined to make her theirs, but you have the Prince in the background doing his best to look out for her.

A lot is going on in Kats life; she does manage to get home again from the Raaka, with Julian coming to her aid again.

The attraction between Kat and Julian does not go away, but Julian is still hesitant to take it any further even after they spend one blissful night together until it got so bad that Kat, angry with Julian has an argument with while they were out having dinner.
"Julian," she leaned across the table and whispered, choking back the tears, "make it easy for me and tell me you don't love me"

“I do love you Kat, I could never lie about that." His hand reached to touch the side of her face, but she leaned back before he could.

Kat rose out of the booth, telling him, “I can’t get over you, and I can’t let you go, because I love you too."

Before Julian could respond she left.

And then another temptation comes into her life in the form of Cameron, the new Raaka leader. This is when life gets interesting for Kat, Julian or Cameron. 

Ms Browning I really did love this whole series. I went through all three books one after another all in one go. I had to see how it all progressed.

Loved the characters and storylines, awesome books.

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