Friday 30 May 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ King's (The King Trilogy) by Mimi Jean Pamifloff

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

This book is the beginning of a brilliant and cannot put down series. It starts with a young successful woman called Mia, hearing the terrifying news that her younger brother Justin, an archaeologist who was working at a dig in Mexico has disappeared with his colleagues.

Mia jumped on the first plane out to Mexico with the intent on finding out what had exactly happened to him, only to meet a brick wall, no one knew anything helpful to tell her, in fact they all told her to go back home, even being threatened at the airport. Mia was at a loss. What the hell was going on?

Back home not deterred she went different places to see if she could do anything at her end, only to find that her hands were tied until one woman took pity on her and gave Mia a name and address, telling her this was the man to go to, he could find anyone or anything for a price and he went by the name of King.

Going to the address she was given their first meeting did not get off to a very good start as he mistook Mia for the call girl he had hired that evening. Once the air was cleared King agreed to help Mia but the price was herself to do as he commanded.

Desperate to find Justin Mia agreed not thinking it out exactly all that was involved. That was the night Mia’s life changed forever.

The more Mia got to know King, the less she knew. Who or what King was, was a mystery, at one point she thought he was a demon, but the underlying attraction she felt for this very attractive man, even though at times he frightened her.

After one of their outings for information about what had happened to Justin, Mia blacked out, only to find herself waking up in her hotel room with King, which led to them having a very erotic encounter.

“He slowly dipped his head, and when his lips pushed against mine, I closed my eyes and relished the roughness of his kiss. He plunged his tongue between my lips, and I opened my mouth to him. The kiss was dangerous and dark. It was claiming and brutal. It pounded its way right through me, sending a hard heat charging between my legs.

I couldn't get enough.”

and then I woke up for real, to reality.

I was still in bed and King was across the room sitting in a chair, just looking at me, being his normal obnoxious self.

What is happening to me?

Also King pointed out to me a tattoo on my wrist, the letter K.

"Are you insane?"

He leaned down to whisper in my ear. "What would you like me to say, Mia? That I own you? Every inch of you?

That even those dark spaces inside your head belong to me? Because you do. You are mine now."

Oh my god. Oh my god. He's the devil.

From here on in, in the search for her brother, weird things started to happen to Mia. From finding out about something she never knew about herself. To trying to work out King, wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into. It was verry interesting and mind boggling to say the least.

What a book, could not put it down. This book rocks. Down loading book 2 right now.

Ms Pamifloff awesome series.

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