Friday 9 May 2014

Fright Frights ~ PNR Promo ~ Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Infinite Potential (Phasms Volume 1) by Barbara Garren

Today's Friday Fright feature is a little different, instead of a review from Shirley we have a promo for a Paranormal Romance which includes some teasers and a book Trailer.
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Book: Infinite Potential
Author: Barbara Garren
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book Description:  
Kelsi always knows when bad things are coming, but even she never thought she’d lose her husband at only twenty-three. Since he died, she’s been living her worst nightmare.

Her nights are filled with dreams of a Dark Haired Man, but her days are full of guilt, because the Man fills her with longing and confusion, promising to give her all she needs, all she wants, all she feared she’d never have again.
If only the dreams would stay in her head where they belong.

Kelsi starts seeing the Dark Haired Man in her waking life, shadowing her wherever she goes. And when her mysterious new neighbor, Aiden Hardt, knows about the Man in her dreams, Kelsi worries she can’t trust her own mind.

"He’s not what he seems."

But even Aiden’s cryptic words don’t frighten her as much as the way she feels around him. Kelsi must sort through her emotions and figure out what’s real before she can ever hope to have a normal life again.


Book Trailer:

I'm a writer, a reader and a frequenter of the more charming sites in town, namely pubs.

Born and raised in Southern California, I left to explore the world courtesy of the U.S. Navy. I've lived in San Francisco, New York and Norfolk, Virginia, but prefer to call San Diego home these days, with my husband, Henry (the inspiration for all the romance).

When not working on my next novel or reading a good book, I can be found running after my grandchildren, my dog and my sanity.

I believe a well-rounded diet consists of coffee, scotch, chocolate, popcorn and Luna Bars - in that order - and have been accused of violating grammar and etiquette rules in at least seven countries. My Muse is a Valkyrie named Prue, so look out.

Author Links:
Barbara is attending the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans May 13 – 18 and would love to see anyone there!

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