Wednesday 21 May 2014

Review ~ Out of Reach by Missy Johnson

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

“Life was just a game and the end result was death. There was no way around that. No restarting things because you were playing it badly. You had one shot, and that was it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to play anymore.”

I have to admit that this is my first book by Missy Johnson but I can honestly say it won’t be my last. This is one of those books that you know you have read, personally I had a lump in my throat from start to finish, copious amounts of tears and tissues later I can say that I made it to the end…but only just…it is hard to read through the tears! Yes this is an emotional tear jerker (as you know one of my favourite kind of reads) but this book is full of other life changing messages, this book will have you thinking a lot, many what if’s and what would I do’s?

I have to say the first line of the blurb had me worried, after all “My best friend was dying and I was in love with his girl” left me feeling a bit urgggghhh…you can’t help but think the worst…best friend steals girlfriend from dying man or at best, best friend is there for best friends girl and takes advantage…but I must say, this book was nothing like that whatsoever, this book was a beautiful story about a dying man wanting to carry out his bucket list and taking his best friends on that extremely emotional journey and most of all he wanted his best friends to be happy once he had passed.

The selflessness that Andy displayed throughout this book was awe inspiring, his bravery while fighting a cruel and debilitating illness was extraordinary and just went to prove what an amazing man Andy truly was. He was courageous, valiant and fearless, fighting till the end. This was more than just a love story, this was a story of staring death in the face, telling cancer to go f**k itself, making the most of the time you have left, easing the burden and grief of those left behind, grieving, healing and finally, learning to live and love again.

“You guys are never going to forget me. I’m going to make sure of it.”

Yes this is emotional, but no matter who tackles this subject, you know that is never going to be pretty but this story is truly beautiful. Andy, Emily and Seth had been best friends since they were kids, they were always together, they were a dynamic, a trio who were inseparable. It was not long before Andy and Emily fell in love, it was a natural progression but unbeknown to Emily and Andy, Seth loved her too. Seth being the caring and considerate person he was, never let his feelings be known, instead he sat back and watch his two best friends live out the life that he so desperately wanted. Fate however had other ideas, not long after Andy was diagnosed with cancer, he was strong however and fought it and won, but now it was back and this time, the cancer was winning.

“Friendships like ours were rare. They didn’t come along often, so when they did you had to make the most of them. The uniqueness of ours was we were like three pieces to a puzzle; it didn’t feel right if one was missing.”

I really do not want to say any more about the story as it is one of those that needs to be read and savoured for yourself. Every emotion, every word, needs to be felt and devoured. You need to feel and experience their journey, no matter how difficult and truly appreciate the pilgrimage that this story takes you on. Perfectly paced, this book will draw you in and you won’t be able to leave until the end, but make sure you have tissues at the ready because I am sure that even the hardest of hearts will have a job keeping the tears at bay with this one. A poignant and thought provoking story that will leave a lasting memory in your mind and a lasting mark on your heart.

“I held her hand and tried to force myself not to think about the electricity pulsating through my body at the feel of her touch. It was hopeless. It was like standing in a rainstorm and pretending you weren’t getting wet.”

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