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Blog Tour ~ Review, Trailer & Giveaway ~ Unbearable (Port Fare 3) by Sherry Gammon


You met and fell in love with Maggie and Seth as they struggled to survive a couple of ruthless drug dealers and Maggie's incorrigible mom in UNLOVABLE

 came Cole and Lilah as they found love despite her deception while working with Booker (Much to his dismay) to protect everyone from being murdered.

Now discover Booker and Tess's story in UNBEARABLE!

Book Description:

Booker Gatto is done. Done with women, his old life, all of it. Only the love of his friends in Port Fare keeps him going as he leaves the MET in exchange for the quiet life his new law practice will provide.

Tess Selleck, once as ambitious and determined as she is smart and beautiful, had to leave everything and everyone she loves in San Diego to escape the man who destroyed her dreams and now wants her dead.

Together Booker and Tess find love when they least expect it, until their pasts drive them apart. Is there a happily ever after for these damaged lovers? Or is the thought of loving and trusting again simply Unbearable?

Unbearable is the exciting conclusion to the Port Fare Series. Join Booker as he struggles to find his happily ever after.

Book Trailer:

Our Review:
**ARC received for hones review**
Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“My love life was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events – unfortunate, lousy, pathetic events. Was I that much of a loser?”

This is the book that we lovers of the Port Fare series have been waiting for, finally it was “Booker Time” and it didn’t disappoint. I fell in love with all the characters of this series in Unlovable (Book One) and while that book remains my favourite of this series, this one comes a close second.

Booker has been one of the main characters throughout this series, his loyalty to his friend’s just one of his many admirable traits and this never wavers in this instalment, if anything it intensifies. We know that his past is more like a horror story, yet despite everything he has been through, he has come through it, despite the flash backs, the panic attacks and the nightmares, Booker will always be Booker. His limits though are truly tested in this instalment; will he be strong enough to come out the other side? Will his past interfere with his future; can he really move on from the atrocities that he has already endured or will they be the one thing that forever holds him back? Can he love and be loved? Will this be just what he needs?

In book one we were treated to Maggie and Seth’s story, book two was Cole and Lilah’s and now is the turn of Booker and Tess. You may remember Tess, she was the woman working at the hospital that always fainted when she saw blood…she has good reason. Like Booker her past is tainted, she has been through A LOT, her past is fed to us slowly throughout the book as flash backs, painful reminders of the past that she left behind, the woman she left behind and she tries valiantly to be the woman that she wants to be throughout this book. What she had endured in her past was truly awful and one that will have permanent reminders for the rest of her life. I would love to say what I think but you need to read the story; all I can say is karma is a bitch.

Tess originally comes across as this meek, timid, petrified woman, who is scared of her own shadow. Slowly throughout this book with all the gangs’ help we slowly see Tess change to the woman she once was. She will always have the scars and the nightmares, but slowly but surely you finally see her try to take charge of her life and that is not always easy when after four years her past unfortunately finally catches up with her.

“No more pain. No more Garen.”
Tess’s past has a big impact on her and Booker’s future, together though these two are formidable. Tess truly does seem to be Booker’s ideal woman, you remember all the little snippets he would eke out in the banter with Seth, Cole and Maggie, well Tess ticks all the boxes. Red head…check…Blood Group (yes I did say blood group)…check…love of all shiny guns…check…just a few weird and wonderful criteria Booker had set. Together they stand, but will it be united they fall?

“It felt like I was watching a movie. A horrible, sick movie and I desperately wanted it to end. But it’d only just begun.”

I love that we continue the stories of Seth and Maggie and Cole and Lilah, they are still very much a part of this story and it is wonderful to see how their relationships progress, but the centre of attention is Booker and Tess.

“Loving Booker was an incurable disease.”

Sherry Gammon has tackled some tough subjects in this book, not only are they written sensitively but they are so realistic. At times they were disturbing but this was heightened because throughout the book I had built a deep connection to the characters, their pain becomes your pain, they live it, you live it, it is that emotional connection that makes you feel and boy did I feel it. I will say Sherry also shows us her twisted side towards the end of the book, there was one part I had to read and re-read to make sure I had read right, then after I had digested, I couldn’t read on for a while, I sat there deciding if she would really “go there” then after I decided that I must have been mistaken, I re-read again, yep I had read right…at this point, Sherry was not my favourite person, I may have said a few curse words, well maybe A LOT, yes Booker’s curse jar got a helping hand…finally having the courage to read on I semi forgave her…you will know when you get there…all I can say is CRUEL Sherry, very, very CRUEL!! Ha ha ha.

Sherry Gammon has taken us on an amazing journey with this series, one that I am sad to see the end of. Her writing while emotional always conveys the perfect balance of angst and romance, while littered with humour that will have you laughing out loud. While the steam factor is low this is easily made up by the emotion. The connection that these characters have is brilliantly portrayed through love, affection and words. You cannot help but fall in love with all of them.

I cannot wait to see what comes next from this author; this is one series that I will remember for a very long time. I cannot believe I have to say goodbye, but at least it was all wrapped up nicely for all three couples…sniff…sniff.

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