Friday 27 June 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR reviews ~ Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series 6) by JR Ward

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is the sixth book in this compelling, utterly erotic series. This book is about Phury, Zsadist's twin, who in the last book, Lover Unbound changed places with Vishous to become the Primale of the Chosen.

It is a book of having the strength to change yourself, to make yourself a better person and in places it made me cry because of this.

Phury has now got Cormia, who was chosen to be the Primale's First Mate housed in the manor at the compound. Sadly, Phury is still having difficulty in being able to perform his expected duties as Primale. Also, Cormia is finding it hard to adjust to life at the Manor that she has been brought into, which is so different to her previous life that she had led as a chosen one.

Cormia is also upset that Phury has not come to her to fill his duty as Primale, but the time that she does spend with him, she is drawn closer and closer to him. This helps in overriding her terror and naivety concerning the sexual act but Phury is getting more out of control with everything that is expected of him. Because of a particular act against the Lessers, Phury’s problems are exacerbated when Wrath, the king of the Brotherhood has to inform Phury that he can longer be a warrior, desolate and totally stunned he makes his way to his room where Cormia is waiting for him.

In her role as First Mate, she sees it her duty to help him, so she helps him to undress and gets him in the shower, overcoming her shyness and while brushing his magnificent hair, Phury’s attraction and sexual wanting of Cormia finally wakes up and as he looks at her all that goes through his head is…


Phury yanked the robing out of the way of her sex and – oh yeah, there it was. He could feel the heat come up – “Fuck,” he groaned. She was wet, welling up, overflowing.

And then they were interrupted and the moment was lost, but afterwards Phury realised that Cormia was the one who could soothe him and calm him, not Bella who he always had tormented himself over.

Their love story slowly unfolds and is so touching you cannot help to feel for these two lovers.

This book is a virtual roller coaster ride with the Lesser getting bolder, a surprise the Omega has just now revealed and a reunion that all the Brotherhood is so grateful for.

A really great read Ms Ward with lots of action and storylines unfolding. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly get Book 7, Lovers Avenged to continue reading this thoroughly enjoyable series.

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