Monday 23 June 2014

Review ~ Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons 1) by Christina Lauren

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“What you feel, Cerise? I feel it, too. Fuck, Mia, I feel everything for you.”

To say I loved this book is an understatement as much as I absolutely loved the “Beautiful” series I have to say I think that this one topped them and that is saying something!

Mia Holland has just left college and will soon be on her way to business school in a few weeks. Her two best friends manage to persuade to her to go to Las Vegas for the weekend, a final blow out before they embark on the next stage of their education. Three girls…Las Vegas…what could possibly go wrong? Yes there are some “clichés” in here, but it all made for some very interesting and seriously sexy reading…extremely hot, extremely addictive, extremely Ansel!

Mia Holland has some serious hang ups, she was a born worrier, she worried about everything. None more so than what her parents thought of her, specifically her dad, she was being coerced into a career that she never really wanted, her life was dancing, but her dad passed this off as some “artistic nonsense.” She was always aiming to please, trying to be the perfect daughter; would Vegas open her eyes to being Mia?

Ansel was out celebrating with the lads, he was a typical French man, he had a way with words, looks that could decimate even the strongest of wills, he was romantic, he was impulsive, and he was super sexy and seriously, seriously swoon worthy. I was captivated by this character from the get go, he wasn’t over the top, he was genuine, he was just so perfect.

One night stands were supposed to be just that…one night stands…but when a drunken Mia and Ansel stumble across each other for the second time in the same night, it seems fate has other ideas. After one night of fantastic, mind blowing sex and lots of other shenanigans, these two soon realise that one night will never be enough. These two have an attraction, they were like magnets and could not keep away from each other, yes this was a instalust/love kind of book, but it was believable, their story drew me in, captivated me, I wanted them to succeed, I wanted them to win, I wanted them to be together, but they had the biggest obstacles in their way…Mia lived in America, Ansel lived in France.

“You just implied you’re banging me tonight.” His grin gets bigger as his hands snake around my waist.
“Play your cards right.”
“I forgot my cards.” His smile wilts dramatically. “But I did bring my penis.”
“I’ll try not to break it this time.”
“In fact, I think you should try your hardest.”

Our impulsive Ansel asks Mia to spend the remainder of her summer in France with him, his impulsiveness finally rubbing off on Mia; she agrees to go, much to her parent’s anger and dismay. With a different country, different language and a constantly working Ansel, Mia struggles living in France, but will their love be enough? Can they continue going forward? Mia has to go back to University, but Ansel is settled in France working as a lawyer. Will their pasts interfere with their future? There is so much that this couple do not know about each other, they have only just met, but is what they have strong enough to stand the test of time? You will be rooting for these two from the start, I couldn’t help not.

There are some major twists and turns that will leave you reeling, but this just adds to the enjoyment, I would have liked more at the end but as this series will be continued with Mia and Ansel’s friends I am sure that we will see these two a lot more going forward. As always with this duo, the book is a perfect blend of humour, angst, romance and hot and sweaties…these two seriously know how to write a love scene. If you want a read that will have you laughing, crying and swooning then this is definitely the book for you.

“Give me a little show, Cerise. Break me.”

Once again I can see this series becoming a major hit for the girls who are Christina Lauren; I can’t wait to read more about my Sweet Filthy Boy and his friends.

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